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United StatesTop Tunes Of The '50's: Darlene Gillespie Sings TV FavoritesWDL-3010
United StatesTop Tunes Of The 50'sWDL-1010
United StatesTop Tunes Of The TwentiesWDL-1004
United StatesTotallay MinnieLLP-506
United StatesTreasure IslandEYA-17
United StatesTreasure IslandWY-416
United StatesTreasure of Dog StoriesDL-3501
United StatesTrick or Treat-Stories and Songs of Halloween / The Story and Song form The Haunted MansionacDQ-1358
United StatesTrick or Treats with Donald DuckWY-2000
United StatesTurther Adventures of Jiminy CricketDQ-1324
United StatesTutti's TrumpetsSTER-3011
United StatesTutti's TrumpetsBV-3308
United StatesTutti's TrumpetsSTER-3308
United Statest' was the Night Before ChristmasDQ-1367
United StatesUkelele Ike Happens AgainBV-4043
United StatesUkelele Ike Sings AgainWDL-3003
United StatesUncle RemusDBR-66
United StatesUncle RemusDQ-1205
United StatesUncle RemusDQ-1205
United StatesUncle Remus1205
United StatesUp, Down All Around - 24 More Songs for Little PeopleDQ-1337
United StatesVamos a Cantar1901M
United StatesWalt Disney Presents The Jungle BookFS-906
United StatesWalt Disney Presents: Hansel And GretelFS-918
United StatesWalt Disney Songs For The FamilyEPC-1119
United StatesWalt Disney Takes You To DisneylandWDL-3042
United StatesWalt Disney WorldWD-124
United StatesWalt Disney World Adventureland Steel bandWE-3
United StatesWalt Disney World BandBV-3337
United StatesWalt Disney World BandSTER-3337
United StatesWalt Disney's BambiDisneyland CD-429
United StatesWalt Disney's CinderellaFS-913
United StatesWalt Disney's Dog SongsDQ-1220
United StatesWalt Disney's Greatest SongsDL-3514
United StatesWalt Disney's Happiest SongsDL-3509
United StatesWalt Disney's Merriest SongsDL-3510
United StatesWalt Disney's Most Beloved Songs From His Great Motion PicturesDQ-1213(M)
United StatesWalt Disney's Wonderful World Of ColorDQ-1245
United StatesWalter Schumann - Ballad of Davy Crockett / Let's Make Up47-6041
United StatesWalter Schumann - Old Betsy / Shoeless Joe6125
United StatesWaltzes Of ViennaWDL-1025
United StatesWaltzes Of ViennaWDL-3025
United StatesWe're The MousketeersDBR-71
United StatesWestern Songs and StoriesDL-3502
United StatesWestern Songs For Children (Winning Of The West)DQ-1244
United StatesWestward Ho The WagonsDBR-67
United StatesWestward Ho The WagonsWDL-3041
United StatesWhat a Wonderful Thing I Me!DQ-1349
United StatesWhat a Wonderful Thing I Me!STER-1349
United StatesWho's Afraid of the Big Bad Wold Parts I and IIRCA 224