Toy Story

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Title: Toy Story
Original Title: Toy Story
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Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Reference: EE 1183
Type: CLV
Category: Animation
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Year: 1995
Release Date: 14-04-1997
UPC: 5027522011838
ISBN: ???
Catalog Number: ???
Price: 24.99 GBP
Manufactured By: Pioneer Japan
Production: Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animated Studios
Distribution: Encore Entertainment
Length: 77 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.77:1
Sides: 2
Chapter(s): 38
Size: 12 inch
Obi: No
Dolby Surround: English
Subtitles: ???
Mint Marks Sample: EE1183-A01-P MADE IN JAPAN 1449D315
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Now you can experience a spectacular new dimension of fun and adventure with Disney's most imaginative motion picture, and the recipient of a special Academy Award®, Toy Story.

When a flashy new "space ranger" named Buzz Lightyear enter the world of a pull-string cowboy named Woody, it sparks off an outrageously funny tiff between them. As a result Woody's top spot in the heart of his young owner is in jeopardy... and soon so are the lives of Woody and Buzz! Accidentally whisked away from home and into the clutches of a neighbourhood bully, the two squabbling rivals must work together as a team if they are to escape. With toy box pals Rex the dinodaur, the Green Army Men and Mr Potato Head ready to lend a hand, Woody and Buzz unite in friendship for an amazing adventure home.

The first full-length feature film ever to be animated entirely using computer graphics, Toy Story manages to capture audiences' hearts with its great characters and wonderfull story set inside an amazingly realistic three-dimensional world - finally rewarding its creator and director, John Lasseter, with a Special Achievement Academy Award®.

The vocal talents of Tom Hanks (Philadelphia, Sleepless in Seattle, Forest Gump, Apollo 12) and Tim Allen (Home Improvement) bring warmth and humour into the personas of Woody and Buzz, and a strong, multiple Oscar®-nominated musical score from Rand Neyman adds the finishing touch to create the prfect motion picture.

This special widescreen edition laserdisc - presented at the director's personally requested ratio of 1.77:1 - also includes the original theatrical trailer and a 26 minute documentary revealing many of the behind-the-scenes secrets of this stunningly original and imaginative film.

No matter what your age, Toy Story will dazzle you every time... with a new kind of Disney magic!
Original Other
Tom Hanks - Woody (voice)
Tim Allen - Buzz Lightyear (voice)
Don Rickles - Mr. Potato Head (voice)
Jim Varney - Slinky Dog (voice)
Wallace Shawn - Rex (voice)
John Ratzenberger - Hamm (voice)
Annie Potts - Bo Peep (voice)
John Morris - Andy (voice)
Erik von Detten - Sid (voice)
Laurie Metcalf - Mrs. Davis (voice)
R. Lee Ermey - Sergeant (voice)
Sarah Rayne - Hannah (voice) (as Sarah Freeman)
Penn Jillette - TV Announcer (voice)
Jack Angel - Shark / Rocky Gibraltar (voice)
Spencer Aste - Wounded Soldier (voice)
Greg Berg - Local Announcer (voice)
Lisa Bradley - Kid (voice)
Kendall Cunningham - Kid (voice)
Debi Derryberry - Aliens / Pizza Planet Announcer (voice)
Cody Dorkin - Kid (voice)
Bill Farmer - Monotone Announcer (voice)
Craig Good - Mission Control (voice)
Gregory Grudt - Kid (voice)
Danielle Judovits - Burned Rag Doll (voice)
Sam Lasseter - Kid (voice)
Brittany Levenbrown - Kid (voice)
Sherry Lynn - Mom (voice)
Scott McAfee - Kid (voice)
Mickie McGowan - Sid's Mom (voice)
Ryan O'Donohue - Kid (voice)
Jeff Pidgeon - Aliens / Robot / Mr. Spell (voice)
Patrick Pinney - Pizza Delivery Guy / Angry Driver #2 (voice)
Phil Proctor - Pizza Planet Announcer / Pizza Planet Guard (voice)
Jan Rabson - Gas Station Attendant (voice)
Joe Ranft - Lenny the Binoculars (voice)
Andrew Stanton - Commercial Chorus (voice)
Shane Sweet - Kid (voice)
Wayne Allwine - Ducky (uncredited)
Tony Anselmo - Wind the Frog (uncredited)
Jonathan Benair - Troops (uncredited)
Anthony Burch - Kid (voice) (uncredited)
John Lasseter - Commercial Chorus #1 (voice) (uncredited)
Billy West - Al's Toy Barn Announcer (uncredited)
Side 1
1. The Tale Of Sheriff Woody And One-Eyed Bart
2. Opening Titles: You've Got A Friend In Me
3. Staff Meeting
4. Present Panic
5. Recon Plan Charlie
6. Welcoming Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger
7. Flying Blind
8. Strange Things
9. "You're mocking me, aren't you?"
10. Sadistic Kid
11. Buzz Takes A Tumble
12. Stranded At The Gas Station: A Perfect Time To Panic
13. Arrival At Pizza Planet
14. Alien Spaceship
15. Horror At Sid's House
16. Interrogation / Escaping From The Mutant Toys
17. Advert For An Action Figure
18. I Will Go Sailing No More

Side 2
19. Hannah's Tea Party
20. A Disarming Conversation Through A Window
21. Toy Repairmen
22. 'The Big One'
23. Missing An Old Friend
24. Friendship From Adversity
25. Woody's Escape Plan
26. The Toys Strike Back
27. Playthings In Pursuit
28. Falling With Style - To Infinity And Beyond
29. A Christmas Tail
30. End Credits
31. Original Theatrical Trailer
32. The Story Behind Toy Story
33. Before Toy Story
34. Ideas, Scripts And Storyboards
35. The Voices Behind The Toys
36. Vectors, Avars And Rendering
37. Music And Sound Effects
38. To Theatres, And Beyond!
Extra Info
• Features 28 minutes of extras (Trailer + behind the scenes documentary) on Tracks #31-38