D3: The Mighty Ducks

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Title: D3: The Mighty Ducks
Original Title: D3: The Mighty Ducks
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Country: United States United States
Reference: 9182 AS
Type: CLV
Category: Live Action
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama
Year: 1996
Release Date: 05-02-1997
UPC: 786936030358
ISBN: None
Catalog Number: 9182-1
Price: 29.99 USD
Manufactured By: DADC USA
Publisher: Walt Disney Pictures, Avnet/Kerner Productions
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Video
Length: 103 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Sides: 2
Chapter(s): 14
Size: 12 inch
Obi: No
Dolby Surround: English
Subtitles: None
Closed-Caption: Closed-Caption for the hearing impaired  English
Mint Marks Sample: LDAC-003216-A-A6
Emilio Estevez and the original Ducks are back in this fast-moving comedy starring the most popular hockey team in movie history! After the Ducks win scholarships to a snooty private school, Coach Bombay (Estevez) announces that he's moving on to greener pastures with the Goodwill Games. Shortly after the team arrives at Eden Hall Academy, they inherit a new coach who turns out to be their worst nightmare when he strips Charlie Conway (Joshua Jackson) of his position as captain! Then, with their scholarships on the line, they face their thoughest rival - the 10-time championship varsity team! The Ducks and their opponents engage in a series of hilarious pranks to warm up for their battle on the ice. And in a thrilling and climatic third-period battle, the Ducks must prove why they are called the Mighty Ducks! "The quack attack is back!" )USA Today) - and D3 will have you and your family cheering!
Original Other
Emilio Estevez - Gordon Bombay
Jeffrey Nordling - Coach Orion
David Selby - Dean Buckley
Heidi Kling - Casey
Joshua Jackson - Charlie
Joss Ackland - Hans
Elden Henson - Fulton (as Elden Ryan Ratliff)
Shaun Weiss - Goldberg
Vincent LaRusso - Banks (as Vincent A. Larusso)
Matt Doherty - Averman
Garette Ratliff Henson - Guy
Marguerite Moreau - Connie
Michael Cudlitz - Cole
Christopher Orr - Rick
Aaron Lohr - Portman
Ty O'Neal - Dwayne
Kenan Thompson - Russ
Mike Vitar - Luis
Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine - Julie (as Colombe Jacobsen)
Justin Wong - Ken
Scott Whyte - Scott
Margot Finley - Linda
Lynn Philip Seibel - Tom Riley
Benjamin Salisbury - Josh
Eliza Coyle - Angela Delaney
James Craven - Mr. Barber
Claudia Wilkens - Mrs. Madigan
Melissa Keller - Mindy
Samantha Harris - Cindy
Jack White - Coach Wilson
Steven Brill - Arcade Attendant
Mary Brill - Jeannie
Jeannette Kerner - Board Member
Herbert Brill - Board Member
Mike Kelly - Referee
Claire Bednarski - Gabriella
Jerry Kerner - Customer at Mickey's Diner
Bert Sandberg - Customer at Mickey's Diner
Mark L. Colbenson - Airport Customer (uncredited)
Christopher Day - Fan / Box Side (uncredited)
Stephen Dowling - Championshiop Game Ref (uncredited)
Devon A Early - Hockey Fan (uncredited)
James Huffman - Hockey Fan (uncredited)
Paul Kariya - Self (uncredited)
Larissa Lowthorp - Student (uncredited)
Jessica Ortega - Hockey Fan (uncredited)
Rosemary Reeve - Eden Hall Academy Student (uncredited)
Jason Sanford - Flight Attendant / Referee (uncredited)
Tomas Settell - Varsity Hockey Player (uncredited)
Jen Sharlow - Hockey Fan (uncredited)
Jimmy Star - Hockey Player (uncredited)
Brent Teclaw - AV Nerd (uncredited)
Ryan Wotherspoon - Excited Fan (uncredited)
Side 1
1. Program Start
2. Opening Credits / New Horizons
3. Skating Fiasco
4. First Day On The Ice
5. Cafeteria Melee
6. Season Debut
7. Locker Room Friction
8. Ants In Their Pants

Side 2
9. Hockey Duel
10. Reevaluation
11. Legal Skirmish
12. Official Showdown
13. Reinforcements
14. Down To The Wire
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