Donald ザ・グレーテスト・ヒッツ

LaserDisc info
Title: Donald ザ・グレーテスト・ヒッツ
Original Title: Orphans' Benefit, Modern Inventions, Donald's Nephews, Chip an' Dale, Old MacDonald Duck, Don Donald, Saludos Amigos
IMDb / Disneyinfo: Orphan's Benefit   
Modern Inventions   
Donald's Nephews   
Chip an' Dale   
Old MacDonald Duck   
Don Donald   
Saludos Amigos   
Country: Japan Japan
Reference: PILA-1412
Type: CLV
Category: Animation
Genre: Animation, Short, Comedy, Family, Adventure
Year: 1941, 1937, 1938, 1947, 1942
Release Date: 21-12-1996
UPC: 4988102374112
ISBN: None
Catalog Number: ???
Price: 3900 JPY
Manufactured By: Pioneer Japan
Production: Walt Disney Productions, Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios
Distribution: ???
Length: 56 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Sides: 1
Chapter(s): 9
Size: 12 inch
Obi: Yes
Mono: English, Japanese
Subtitles: None
Closed-Caption: Closed-Caption for the hearing impaired  
LD-G: LaserDiscs Graphics  
Mint Marks Sample: PILA-1412-A01-P 0611C206
DD-5B-B09-P 3759C206
Original Other
Orphans' Benefit
Walt Disney - Mickey Mouse (voice)
Marcellite Garner - Orphans (voice)
Florence Gill - Clara Cluck (voice)
Clarence Nash - Donald Duck (voice)

Modern Inventions
Adriana Caselotti - Robot Nurse Maid (voice)
Billy Bletcher - Robot Butler (voice) (uncredited)
Cliff Edwards - Robot Barber Chair (voice) (uncredited)
Clarence Nash - Donald Duck (voice) (uncredited)

Donald's Nephews
Clarence Nash - Donald Duck / Huey / Dewey / Louie (voice) (uncredited)

Chip an' Dale
Dessie Flynn - Dale (voice)
James MacDonald - Chip (voice)
Clarence Nash - Donald Duck (voice)

Old MacDonald Duck
Clementine - Cow
Pinto Colvig - Pigs (voice)
Clarence Nash - Donald Duck (voice)

Don Donald
Clarence Nash - Donald Duck / Donna Duck (voice) (uncredited)

Saludos Amigos
Fred Shields - Narrator
José Oliveira - José Carioca (voice)
Lee Blair - Lee Blair (uncredited)
Mary Blair - Mary Blair (uncredited)
Stuart Buchanan - Flight Attendant (voice) (uncredited)
Pinto Colvig - Goofy (voice) (uncredited)
Walt Disney - Walt Disney (uncredited)
Norman Ferguson - Norman Ferguson (uncredited)
June Foray - Pedro (uncredited)
Frank Graham - Frank Graham (uncredited)
Clarence Nash - Donald Duck (voice) (uncredited)
Frank Thomas - Frank Thomas (uncredited)
Extra Info
• Not available on laserdisc in the U.S.
• Digital tracks: English
• Analog tracks: Japanese
• English title is Donald's Greatest Hits