Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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Title: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Original Title: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Goddess of Spring
IMDb / Disneyinfo: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs   
The Goddess of Spring   
Country: United States United States
Reference: 2921 CS
Type: CAV
Category: Animation
Serie: Deluxe Edition, Walt Disney's Masterpiece
Genre: Animation, Family, Fantasy, Short
Year: 1937, 1934
Release Date: 26-10-1994
UPC: 765362921065
ISBN: ???
Catalog Number: ???
Price: 99.99 USD
Manufactured By: Kuraray
Publisher: Walt Disney Productions, Walt Disney Animation Studios
Distribution: Walt Disney Home Video
Length: 84 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Sides: 6
Chapter(s): 75
Size: 12 inch
Obi: No
Mono: English
Dolby Surround: English
Subtitles: None
Closed-Caption: Closed-Caption for the hearing impaired  English
Mint Marks Sample: ???
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the definitive Disney masterpiece. The first full-length animated feature ever made, it is timeless in its perfection and remains the most revered of all Disney films - from Pinocchio and Bambi, to Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin.

Disney's immortal fairy tale springs to magical life as the lovely Snow White finds romance with a charming young Prince. When SNow White's vain and wicked stepmother, the Queen, consults her Magic Mirror, her worst fear is confirmed - that Snow White's beauty surpasses even her own! Snow White is forced to flee into the forest, where she befriends seven lovable dwarfs - Dopey, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Bashful, Happy and Doc. But despite the dwarfs' loyalty, they cannot protect Snow White against the Queen's evil spell... wich can only be broken by Love's First Kiss! Fully Restored to its original brilliance, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs overflows with heartwarming romance, rousing adventure, and enchanting music. Now you can finally own the legendary masterpiece that has become a world treasure for all generations.
Original Other
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Lem Wright - Additional voices (voice)
Roy Atwell - Doc (voice) (uncredited)
Stuart Buchanan - Huntsman (voice) (uncredited)
Candy Candido - Crows (uncredited)
Adriana Caselotti - Snow White (voice) (uncredited)
Eddie Collins - Dopey / Chipmunk and squirrel sneezes (voice) (uncredited)
Pinto Colvig - Sleepy / Grumpy / Dopey (hiccups) (voice) (uncredited)
Marion Darlington - Birds (voice) (uncredited)
June Foray - Squirrel (uncredited)
Billy Gilbert - Sneezy (voice) (uncredited)
Otis Harlan - Happy (voice) (uncredited)
Lucille La Verne - Queen / Witch (voice) (uncredited)
James MacDonald - Yodeling / Additional voices (voice) (uncredited)
Scotty Mattraw - Bashful (voice) (uncredited)
Clarence Nash - Birds / Additional voices (voice) (uncredited)
Moroni Olsen - Magic Mirror (voice) (uncredited)
Purv Pullen - Birds (voice) (uncredited)
Harry Stockwell - Prince (voice) (uncredited)

The Goddess of Spring
Kenny Baker - Singing Narrator (voice) (uncredited)
Diana Gaylen - Goddess of Spring (voice) (uncredited)
Tudor Williams - Pluto (voice) (uncredited)
Side 1
1. Program Start
2. Opening Credits
3. Once Upon A Time...
4. The Queen Questions Her Magic Mirror
5. Snow White At The Well ("I'm Wishing")
6. Snow White Meets The Prince ("One Song")
7. The Queen's Evil Plan
8. Snow White's Flight Through The Forest
9. The Creatures OF The Forest Befriend Snow White ("With A Smile And A Song")
10. The Dwarf's Cottage
11. Cleaning The Cottage ("Whistle While You Work")

Side 2
12. The Dwarf's Mine ("Heigh-Ho")
13. Snow White Explores Upstairs
14. The Dwarfs Arrive Back At The COttage
15. Snow White Wakes Up
16. The Dwarfs Wash Up For Supper ("Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum")

Side 3
17. The Queen Discovers She's Been Decieved
18. The Queen Prepares A Disguise
19. A Celebration At The Dwarfs' Cottage("The Dwarfs' Yodel Song")
20. Snow White Tells The Dwarfs A Story ("Someday My Prince Will Come")
21. Settling Down For The Night
22. The Poison Apple

Side 4
23. The Next Morning, The Dwarfs Leave For Work
24. The Old Peddler Woman Approaches The Cottage
25. The Animals Come To Warn The Dwarfs Of Danger
26. Snow White Falls To The Queen's Scheme
27. A Bedside Vigil For Snow White
28. Love's First Kiss

Supplemental Material
29. Table of COntents
30. Theatrical Trailers
31. Publicoty - Posters, Lobby Cards and Press Kits
32. Merchandising

Side 5
33. Start Of Program
34. History Leading Up To "SnowWhite"
35. Storyboards
36. Character Concepts And Design
37. Music, Voices And Sound Effects
38. Pencil Animation
39. Deleted Soup Sequence
40. Backgrounds And Effects Tests
41. Ink And Paint / Camera Magic
42. Deleted Bedroom Argument
43. Deleted Caildron Scene
44. The Premiere And The Success
45. International Versions And Conclusion

Supplemental Material
46. The Goddess Of Spring (1934)
47. Excerpt From "Tricks Of Our Trade"

Side 5
48. Table Of Contents
49. Walt Disney Biographical Timeline
50. "Snow White" Production Timeline
51. The Brothers Grimm Original Version Of "Snow White"
52. Storyboards and Sequence Breakdown
53. Storyboard Sequence: "The Queen Orders Snow White's Death"
54. Storyboard Sequence: "Snow White And The Huntsman / The Forest Run"
55. Storyboard Sequence: "Snow White And The Animals Clean House"
56. Storyboard Sequence: "The Dwarfs Chase The Witch"
57. Abandoned Version Of Storyboard Sequence: "Snow White Meets The Prince"
58. Abandoned Version Of Storyboard Sequence: "Someday My Prince Will Come"
59. Preliminary Designs And Deleted Concepts
60. Character Design: Snow White
61. Character Design: The Dwarfs
62. Character Design: The Wicked Queen
63. Character Design: The Witch
64. Character Design: The Prince
65. Character Voice Talent
66. Layouts, Backgrounds And Effects tests
67. Live Action test Footage
68. Deleted Section: "The Bedroom Fight"
69. Deleted Sequences: "The Lodge Meeting" And "Bed Building"
70. Deleted Section: "The Witch At The Cauldrom"
71. Original Main And End Titles
72. The Premiere
73. Press Articles And Political Cartoons
74. Restoration
75. Credits
Extra Info
• Box Set with feature presented in CAV on Side 1-4 with original full mono soundtrack on the left analog channel and music/effects only on the right track
• Disc 3 is a supplemental disc pressed by Technidisc presented in CLV/CAV format with separate right and left audio tracks presenting alternative information
• Side 5 in CLV contains a "Making of.." Documentary of the history of Snow White, storyboards, character concepts, pencil animation, etc. The featurette of the Premiere
• One of the audio tracks contain a radio interview with Cecil B Demille and Walt Disney talking about the production of Snow White. Other chapters contail deleted or proposed scenes, Radio Commercials
• Side 6 in CAV contains a short biography and timeline of Walt Disney, Sbow White, the original Grimm text of Snow White, storyboards or scenes and abandoned scenes, Character design sketches, Deleted scenes both storyboard reconstructions and full animated scenes.
♦ The box also includes a set of 10 Lithographs and a Hardback Book "The Making of a Classic"