The Thief and the Cobbler

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Title: The Thief and the Cobbler
Original Title: The Thief and the Cobbler
Country: United States United States
Reference: 4611 AS
Type: CLV
Category: Animation
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure
Year: 1993
Release Date: 19-02-1997
UPC: 786936461169
ISBN: ???
Price: 29.99 USD
Manufactured By: Mitsubishi
Publisher: Richard Williams Productions, Allied Filmmakers
Distribution: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
Length: 73 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Sides: 2
Chapter(s): 16
Size: 12 inch
Obi: No
Dolby Surround: English
Subtitles: English SDH
Mint Marks Sample: A70A02088 4611AS A 03 M
B70A02084 4611AS B 01 M
"Animation Among The Most Glorious And Lively Ever Created!"The New York Times

Behold this critically acclaimed feature-length fantasy created, written, and directed by Richard Williams, the three-time Academy Award®-winning animator.* Almost 30 years in the making, it incorporates extraordinary M.C. Escher-like backgrounds with classic 2-1/2 dimension hand-painted animation.

In the ancient city of Baghdad, magically protected by three Golden Balls, a timid shoemaker named Tack falls for the lovely, adventure-loving Princess Yumyum. When a bumbling thief manages to steal the enchanted orbs, they fall into the hands of the wicked wizard Zigzag. Tack and the Princess must recover the magic balls, defeat the evil Zigzag, and save their beloved city from destruction!

Feast your eyes and ears on this exotic mosaic of exquisite color, hilarious comedy, enchanting music, and all-star voices. The magic of The Thief And The Cobler will steal your heart and the hearts of your entire family!

*For Animated Shorts Subject, A Christmas Carol (1972); Visual Effects and Special Achievement Award for Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988).
Original Other
Vincent Price - ZigZag (voice)
Bobbi Page - Princess YumYum (Majestic Films version) / Additional voices (Miramax version) (voice)
Steve Lively - Tack the Cobbler (Majestic Films version) / Additional voices (Miramax version) (voice)
Eddie Carroll - The Thief (Majestic Films version) / Additional voices (Miramax version) (voice) (as Ed. E. Carroll)
Clive Revill - King Nod (re-edited versions) (voice)
Mona Marshall - Nurse (Majestic Films version) / Witch (Majestic Films version) / Additional voices (Miramax version) (voice)
Joan Sims - Mad and Holy Old Witch (voice)
Kevin Dorsey - Mighty One-Eye (re-edited versions) (voice)
Donald Pleasence - Phido the Vulture (original and Majestic Films version) / Additional voices (Miramax version) (voice)
Stanley Baxter - Gofer / Slap (voice)
Kenneth Williams - Goblet / Tickle (voice)
Clinton Sundberg - Dying Soldier (voice)
Windsor Davies - Chief Roofless (voice)
Frederick Shaw - Goolie (voice)
Thick Wilson - Hook (voice)
Eddie Byrne - Hoof (voice)
Peter Clayton - Brigand (voice)
Geoffrey Golden - Brigand (re-edited versions) (voice) (as Geoff Golden)
Derek Hinson - Brigand (voice)
Declan Mulholland - Brigand (voice)
Mike Nash - Brigand (voice)
Tony Scannell - Brigand (re-edited versions) (voice)
Dermot Walsh - Brigand (voice)
Ramsay Williams - Brigand (voice)
Matthew Broderick - Tack the Cobbler (Miramax version) (voice)
Jennifer Beals - Princess YumYum (Miramax version) (voice)
Eric Bogosian - Phido the Vulture (Miramax version) (voice)
Toni Collette - Nurse / Witch (Miramax version) (voice)
Jonathan Winters - The Thief (Miramax version) (voice)
Joss Ackland - Brigand (voice)
Felix Aylmer - Narrator (original version) (voice)
Sara Crowe - Princess YumYum (1992 workprint) (voice)
Margaret French - Maiden from Mombassa (1992 workprint) (voice)
Chris Greener - Mighty One-Eye (1992 workprint) (voice) (as Chris Greenham)
Miriam Margolyes - Maiden from Mombassa (original version) (voice)
Paul Matthews - Mighty One Eye (original version) (voice)
George Melly - Dwarf (original version) (voice)
Hilary Pritchard - Princess YumYum (original version) (voice)
Anthony Quayle - King Nod (original version) (voice)
Richard Williams - Laughing Brigand (voice) (uncredited)
Sheb Wooley - The Thief (archive footage) (uncredited)
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