A Civil Action

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Title: A Civil Action
Original Title: A Civil Action
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Country: United States United States
Reference: 15986 AS
Type: CLV
Category: Live Action
Genre: Drama
Year: 1998
Release Date: 20-07-1999
UPC: 786936105681
ISBN: None
Catalog Number: 15986-1
Price: 39,99 USD
Manufactured By: Pioneer USA
Publisher: Touchstone Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Wildwood Pictures, Scott Rudin Productions
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Length: 115 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Sides: 2
Chapter(s): 25
Size: 12 inch
Obi: No
Dolby Surround: English
Mono: English
Subtitles: None
Closed-Caption: Closed-Caption for the hearing impaired  English
Mint Marks Sample: 59-673A1-004 246D0241 MADE IN USA CAPVMI
59-673B1-004 266D0454
Original Other
John Travolta - Jan Schlichtmann
Robert Duvall - Jerome Facher
Tony Shalhoub - Kevin Conway
William H. Macy - James Gordon
Zeljko Ivanek - Bill Crowley
Bruce Norris - William Cheeseman
John Lithgow - Judge Walter J. Skinner
Kathleen Quinlan - Anne Anderson
Peter Jacobson - Neil Jacobs
Mary Mara - Kathy Boyer
James Gandolfini - Al Love
Stephen Fry - Pinder
Dan Hedaya - John Riley
David Thornton - Richard Aufiero
Sydney Pollack - Al Eustis
Ned Eisenberg - Uncle Pete
Margot Rose - Donna Robbins
Daniel von Bargen - Mr. Granger (as Daniel Von Bargen)
Caroline Carrigan - Evelyn Love
Paul Desmond - Paul Shalline
Michael P. Byrne - Tommy Barbas
Tracy Miller - Grace Worker
Paul Hewitt - Grace Worker
Clayton Landey - Grace Worker
Paul Ben-Victor - Bobby Pasqueriella
Elizabeth Burnette - Lauren Aufiero
Alan Wilder - Insurance Lawyer
Gregg Joseph Monk - Insurance Lawyer
Harout Beshlian - Insurance Lawyer
Josh Pais - Law Clerk
Haskell V. Anderson III - Courtroom #7 Clerk (as Haskell Vaughn Anderson III)
Kaiulani Lee - Mrs. Granger
Howie Carr - Radio Talk Show Host
Denise Dowse - Judge Constance Mullen
Pearline Fergerson - Court Clerk
Scott Weintraub - PI Lawyers
Robert Cicchini - PI Lawyers
Christopher Stevenson - Insurance Plaintiff
Kevin Fry - Waiter
Brian Turk - Mover
Rikki Klieman - TV Reporter
Charlie Stavola - Detective
David Barrett - Teenager on Property
Ryan Janis - Teenager on Property
Rob McElhenney - Teenager on Property
Michael Biase - Market Clerk (as Mike Biase)
Richard Calnan - Woburn Traffic Cop
Gene Wolande - Hotel Clerk
Sam Travolta - Grace Attorney
Gregg Shawzin - Reporter
Juliana Donald - Reporter (as Juli Donald)
Sayda Alan - Reporter
Catherine Leahan - Reporter
Bruce Holman - Federal Marshall
John Lafayette - Geologist (as John La Fayette)
Charles Levin - Geologist
Byron Jennings - Geologist
Jay Patterson - Geologist
Taylor Bernard - Trustee's Assistant
Kathy Bates - Bankruptcy Judge (uncredited)
Nicole Nikki Belli - Girl (uncredited)
Steve Bertorelli - Red Sox fan (uncredited)
Tommy Bull - Bit part (uncredited)
Melissa Calheno - Girl Dancing with Jan Schlichtmann (uncredited)
Jerry Clower - Televangelist (archive footage) (uncredited)
Tom Cutler - Lawyer (uncredited)
Amy Dowd - Featured Dancer on Bridge (uncredited)
Lana Ford - Francine Conway (uncredited)
John Franchi - Construction worker (uncredited)
Bryan Greenberg - Firecracker Kid (uncredited)
Phil Hawn - Attorney in Courtroom Gallery (uncredited)
Aaron Henry - Al Love's Son (uncredited)
Edward Herrmann - (uncredited) (unconfirmed)
Sheila Korsi - Cashier (uncredited)
Sarah Krasner - Lawyer (uncredited)
Richie LaMontagne - (uncredited) (unconfirmed)
Robbie Martin - Al Love's Son (uncredited)
Jorge Mendonca - Fan at Fenway Park (uncredited)
Dane Moreton - Student (uncredited)
Blake Neitzel - Boy in Classroom (uncredited)
Collin Pelton - Sports Fan (uncredited)
Dale Resteghini - Fenway Park Fan (uncredited)
Lisa Rhyne - Grieving Mother (uncredited)
Guy Richardson - Family Member Litigate (uncredited)
Brian Rivers - Fan at Fenway Park (uncredited)
Gary Rodriguez - Juror (uncredited)
Rocco Salata - Diner Patron (uncredited)
Racheal Seymour - Car Accident Woman (uncredited)
Harry Dean Stanton - Land Watcher (uncredited)
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