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Title: Celebrity
Original Title: Celebrity
IMDb / Disneyinfo:   
Country: United States United States
Reference: 15980 AS
Type: CLV
Category: Live Action
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Year: 1998
Release Date: 10-08-1999
UPC: 786936105667
ISBN: None
Catalog Number: 15980-1
Price: 39,99 USD
Manufactured By: Pioneer USA
Publisher: Sweetland Films, Magnolia Productions
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Length: 113 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Sides: 2
Chapter(s): 28
Size: 12 inch
Obi: No
Mono: English
Subtitles: None
Closed-Caption: Closed-Caption for the hearing impaired  English
Mint Marks Sample: 56-531A1-007 277D0053
56-531B1-003 247D0003
Original Other
Greg Mottola - Director
Jeff Mazzola - Assistant Director
Dick Mingalone - Camera Operator
Vladimir Bibic - Director of Photography
Melanie Griffith - Nicole Oliver
Francisco Quijada - Erno Delucca
Aleksa Palladino - Production Assistant
Dan Moran - Jackhammer Operator
Peter Castellotti - Sound Recordist (as Pete Castellotti)
A. Lee Morris - Second Assistant Cameraperson
Douglas McGrath - Bill Gaines
Kenneth Branagh - Lee Simon
Maurice Sonnenberg - Dalton Freed
Winona Ryder - Nola
Craig Ulmschneider - Daniel - Production Assistant
Mina Bern - Elderly Homeowner
Janet Marlow - Singing Nun
Tommie Baxter - Second Nun
Kathleen Doyle - Father Gladden's Fan
Arthur Berwick - Father Gladden's Fan
Jodi Long - Father Gladden's Fan
John Carter - Father Gladden
Judy Davis - Robin Simon
Monique Fowler - Jan - Robin's Friend
Marylouise Burke - Father Gladden's Fan on Porch
Peter Boyden - Father Gladden's Fan on Porch
Peter McRobbie - Father Gladden's Fan on Porch
Maureen McNamara - Father Gladden's Fan on Porch
Mary Catherine Wright - Pious Diner
J.K. Simmons - Souvenir Hawker
Dylan Baker - Priest at Catholic Retreat
Charlize Theron - Supermodel
Melinda Eng - Fashion Designer
Isaac Mizrahi - Bruce Bishop
Alma Cuervo - Bruce Bishop's Admirer
Eve Salvail - Bruce Bishop's Admirer
Polly Adams - Exercise Tape Fan
Brian McConnachie - Exercise Tape Fan
Irina Pantaeva - Friend of Supermodel
Mark Vanderloo - Friend of Supermodel
Frederique Van Der Wal - Friend of Supermodel (as Frederique van der Wal)
Michael Moon Band - El Flamingo Band
Anthony Mason - Anthony Mason
Daisy Prince - Waiting Room Nurse
Tina Sloan - Waiting Room Patient
Dayle Haddon - Waiting Room Patient
Bill Gerber - Waiting Room Patient
Michael Lerner - Dr. Lupus
Julie Halston - Patient with Jowls
Renée Lippin - Second Examining Room Patient (as Renee Lippin)
Kate Burton - Robin's Friend Cheryl
Reuben Jackson - Cameraman at Lupus Office
Debra Messing - TV Reporter at Lupus Office
Carmen Dell'Orefice - Pinky Virdon (as Carmen Dell Orefice)
Joe Mantegna - Tony Gardella
Andre Gregory - John Papadakis
Famke Janssen - Bonnie
Skip Rose - Couple on Beach
Alicia Meer - Couple on Beach
Becky Ann Baker - Doris - Glenwood High Alumna
Michael Kell - Nat - Glenwood High Alumnus
Steve Mellor - Eddie - Glenwood High Alumnus
Gerry Becker - Jay Tepper - Glenwood High Alumnus
Ileen Getz - Reunion Announcer - Glenwood High Alumna
Robert Cuccioli - Monroe Gordon - Glenwood High Alumnus
Larry Pine - Philip Datloff
Surinder Khosla - V.J. Rajnipal
Marian Seldes - Datloff Party Guest
Frederick Rolf - Book Reviewer
David Margulies - Counselor Adelman
Ramsey Faragallah - TV Program Director
William Addy - Klansman
Patrick Thomas McCarthy - Klansman (as Patrick McCarthy)
Bernard Addison - Minister Polynice
Mary Samuels - TV Production Assistant (as Mary Schmidtberger)
Sarah Buff - TV Production Assistant
Heather Marni - Teenage Obese Acrobat (as Heather Mami)
Bruno Gunn - Skinhead (as Bruno Gioiello)
Sean Daloise - Skinhead
Matthew Sweeney - Skinhead
Kyle Kulish - Overweight Achiever
Tony Sirico - Lou DeMarco
Kenneth Edelson - Rabbi Kaufman
Bebe Neuwirth - Nina - the Hooker
Sam Gray - Tony's Father
Marilyn Raphael - Tony's Mother
Antonette Schwartzberg - Tony's Grandma
Patti D'Arbanville - Iris
Frank Pellegrino - Frankie
Gabriel Millman - Ricky
Adam Sietz - Vince
Gretchen Mol - Vicky
Leonardo DiCaprio - Brandon Darrow
Michael Crecco - Hotel Clerk
Neal Arluck - Hotel Clerk
Timothy Jerome - Hotel Clerk
Joseph Tudisco - Hotel Clerk
Jim Moody - Security Guard
Robert Torres - Security Guard
Steven Randazzo - Cop at Hotel
John Costelloe - Cop at Hotel
Mary Jo Buttafuoco - Self (archive footage)
Joey Buttafuoco - Self (archive footage)
Adrian Grenier - Darrow Entourage
Sam Rockwell - Darrow Entourage
John Doumanian - Darrow Entourage
Lorri Bagley - Gina - Chekhov-style Writer
Richard Mawe - Elaine's Book Party Guest
Ted Neustadt - Elaine's Book Party Guest
Bruce Jay Friedman - Elaine's Book Party Guest
Erica Jong - Elaine's Book Party Guest
Ned Eisenberg - Elaine's Book Party Guest
Clebert Ford - Elaine's Book Party Guest
Hank Azaria - David
Ralph Pope - Comic's Agent
Rick Mowat - Comic
Tony Darrow - Moving Man in Loft
Victor Colicchio - Moving Man in Loft
Robert Cividanes - Moving Man in Loft
Donegal Fitzgerald - Moving Man on Street
Leslie Shenkel - Manhattan Moods Assistant Director
Donna Hanover - Manhattan Moods Anchor Woman
Allison Janney - Evelyn Isaacs
Howard Erskine - Senator Paley
Celia Weston - Dee Bartholomew
Donald Trump - Donald Trump
Wood Harris - Al Swayze
Ray Cohen - Pianist at Wedding
Angel Caban - Limo Driver
Aida Turturro - Olga - Psychic
Ingrid Rogers - Off-Off Broadway Actress
Jeffrey Wright - Greg - Off-Off Broadway Director
Karen Duffy - TV Reporter at Premiere
Brian McCormack - Phil
Gigi Williams - Fan of Robin Simon
Michael Moon - Vocals / Guitar - El Flamingo Band
Peter Dark - Guitar / Vocals - El Flamingo Band
Murphy Occhino - Drums / Vocals - El Flamingo Band
Randy Jordan - Bass / Vocals - El Flamingo Band
Richard Iacona - Piano - High School Reunion Band
Tom Kirchner - Bass - High School Reunion Band
Stan Persky - Sax - High School Reunion Band (as Stanley Persky)
Tony Tedesco - Drums - High School Reunion Band
Mike Ponella - Trumpet - High School Reunion Band
Ron Affif - Guitar - High School Reunion Band
Heidi Albertsen - Heidi Albertsen ( In a scene with Charlize Theron and Kenneth Branagh . (archive footage) (uncredited)
Adam Alexi-Malle - DS Worker (uncredited)
Casper Andreas - Nicole's Stylist (uncredited)
Ethan Aronoff - Boxing Fan (uncredited)
Dar Billingham - Wardrobe Lady (uncredited)
David Blaine - Spectator (uncredited)
Frank Bonsangue - Movie Patron (uncredited)
Lauren Burns - Elaine's Guest (uncredited)
New York Joe Catalfumo - Steven DiDio (uncredited)
Bill Chemerka - Class Reunion Guest (uncredited)
Jay Alan Christianson - Man with Cell Phone (uncredited)
Tracy Coogan - Model (uncredited)
Gary Cowling - Nicole's Handler (uncredited)
Michelle Crowe-Paz - NYC Businesswoman (uncredited)
Amy de Lucia - Director's Girlfriend (uncredited)
Teresa DePriest - Model (uncredited)
Sian DeVega - Fashion Model (uncredited)
Lela Edgar - Model (uncredited)
Robert Steinman Elden - Office Manager (uncredited)
Ken Elston - Friend at Opening (uncredited)
Alex Emanuel - Elaine's Book Party Guest (uncredited)
Anthony Gestone - Street Kid #2 (uncredited)
Irene Glezos - Soho Art Buyer (uncredited)
Lionel Guy-Bremond - Extra (uncredited)
Robert Harriell - Elaine's Book Party Guest (uncredited)
Kali Hawk - Popcorn Girl (uncredited)
Sonita Henry - Film Festival Guest (uncredited)
Markanthony Izzo - Fan (uncredited)
Wendy Johnson - Model (uncredited)
Vivian Kalinov - NYC Tourist (uncredited)
Ralph Kinnard - Model (uncredited)
Kristi Kirk - Model (uncredited)
Janine Laino - Upscale Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Carl Landi - Dolly Grip (uncredited)
Nicole Levy - Lenore Upshaw (uncredited)
Frank Licari - Camera Man (uncredited)
Autumn Lucas - Waitress (uncredited)
Trish McGettrick - Script Girl (uncredited)
Denis McKeown - Jean Georges Guest (uncredited)
Josh Mowery - Wardrobe man (uncredited)
Laura Nativo - Jailbait (uncredited)
Jina Oh - Buyer at Fashion Show (uncredited)
Angela Palmer-Haibach - Dancer in Club (uncredited)
Cory Poccia - Street Kid #1 (uncredited)
Myron Primes - Party Guest (uncredited)
Rio Puertollano - Tourist (uncredited)
Evan Reynolds - Fashion Designer (uncredited)
Joe Richards - Bradson Grey (uncredited)
Martin Rinab - Model (uncredited)
Yolonda Ross - (uncredited) (unconfirmed)
Michelle Rouhani - Groom Family Member (uncredited)
Chrystèle Saint Louis Augustin - Nicole's Assistant (uncredited)
April Sandmeyer - Film Premiere Guest (uncredited)
Kevin Scullin - Stanhope Doorman (uncredited)
Ian Somerhalder - (uncredited) (unconfirmed)
Greg Sullivan - Filmgoer (uncredited)
Carlos Valencia - Model (uncredited)
Sanny van Heteren - Celebrity at The Zigfield Theatre (uncredited)
Valeria Von Leczycki Goncharova Barrett - Aristocratic Lady / Celebrity (uncredited)
Roshumba Williams - Bruce Bishop Admirer (uncredited)
Gaël Zaks - The Young Actor (uncredited)
Diana C. Zollicoffer - Newscaster (uncredited)
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