LaserDisc info
Title: TRON
Original Title: TRON
IMDb / Disneyinfo:   
Country: United States United States
Reference: 6141 CS
Type: CAV
Category: Live Action
Serie: Exclusive Archive Collection
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Year: 1982
Release Date: 22-11-1995
UPC: 786936614169
ISBN: None
Catalog Number: 6141-1
Price: 99.99 USD
Manufactured By: Kuraray
Production: Walt Disney Productions, Lisberger/Kushner
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Video
Length: 96 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 2.20:1
Sides: 6
Chapter(s): 61
Size: 12 inch
Obi: No
Dolby Surround: English
Mono: English (Commentary & Musical Score)
Subtitles: None
Closed-Caption: Closed-Caption for the hearing impaired  English
Mint Marks Sample: 6141CS-1-A06-K 8L410304
6141CS-1-B06-K 8M430056
6141CS-2-C02-K 4J910300
6141CS-2-D02-K 407B0293
6141CS-3-E03-K 8Q430254
6141CS-3-F04-K 258F0252
DISNEY'S EXCLUSIVE ARCHIVE COLLECTION is a laserdisc exploration of the greatest features, shorts, cartoons and television shows from the Walt Disney Studios vault. Each feature has been newly remastered and is offered in its original screen presentation - complete with rare behind-the-scene footage and supplemental material that give a fascinating glimpse into the magical Disney creative process.

Tron is presented in its full 2.20:1 screen ratio — with exclusive audio commentary by Director Steven Lisberger, Producer Donald Kushner and Visual Effects Supervisors Harrison Ellenshaw and Richard Taylor

Exclusive Bonus Material
- Deleted Scenes with Tron and Yori.
- Rare pre-production animation tests.
- Original soundtrack music deleted from the film.
- Excerpts from behind-the-scenes documentaries, "Beyond Tron" and "Computer Are People Too."
- Inspirational designs by futuristic artists, Syd Mead, Peter Lloyd and Jean "Moebius" Giraud.
- Original theatrical trailers.
- Preliminary art including conceptual background paintings, storyboards and design sketches for the characters, vehicles and environments of the electronic world.
- Computer animation design and demo reels.
- Original publicity materials.
Original Other
Jeff Bridges - Kevin Flynn / Clu
Bruce Boxleitner - Alan Bradley / Tron
David Warner - Ed Dillinger / Sark / Master Control Program
Cindy Morgan - Lora / Yori
Barnard Hughes - Dr. Walter Gibbs / Dumont
Dan Shor - Ram / Popcorn Co-Worker
Peter Jurasik - Crom
Stuart Thomas - Peter / Sark's Lieutenant (as Tony Stephano)
Craig Chudy - Warrior #1
Vince Deadrick Jr. - Warrior #2 (as Vince Deadrick)
Sam Schatz - Expert Disc Warrior
Jackson Bostwick - Head Guard
David S. Cass Sr. - Factory Guard (as Dave Cass)
Gerald Berns - Guard #1
Bob Neill - Guard #2
Ted White - Guard #3
Mark Stewart - Guard #4
Michael Sax - Guard #5
Tony Brubaker - Guard #6
Charlie Picerni - Tank Commander (as Charles Picerni)
Pierre Vuilleumier - Tank Gunner #1
Erik Cord - Tank Gunner #2
Loyd Catlett - Conscript #1 / Video Game Cowboy
Michael Dudikoff - Conscript #2 (as Michael J. Dudikoff II)
Richard Bruce Friedman - Video Game Player
Rick Feck - Boy in Video Game Arcade
John Kenworthy - Boy in Video Game Arcade
Lisette Kremer - Video Gamer (uncredited)
Jerry Maren - (uncredited)
Side One
1. Program Start
2. Opening Title Sequence
3. Meanwhile, In The Real World...
4. Glu Is Missing
5. Dillinger
6. Here Goes Nothing
7. Flynn's Video Arcade
8. Flynn's Story

Side Two
9. Breaking Into ENCOM
10. Flynn's Transition Into The Electronic World
11. A Challenge For Sark
12. Tron's Disc Fight
13. The Ring Game
14. On The Lightcycle Grid
15. The Tanks In Pursuit

Side Three
16. The Hunt Continues
17. User Power
18. Yori
19. Tron And Yori On The Run
20. Dumont, The I/O Tower Guardian
21. Tron Communicatis With Alan

Side Four
22. Tron FInds Flynn
23. Flight Of The SOlar Sailer
24. Collision Course
25. Tron Continues Alone
26. Showdown Between Sark And Tron
27. Salvation
28. End Of Line
29. End Credits

Audio Configuration Sides One, Two, Three & Four
- Analog Left:
Audio Commentary By Harrison Ellenshaw, Donald Kusher, Steven Lisberger, And Richard Taylor.
- Analog Right:
Music And Effects Tracks (Mono).

Side Five
30. Start Of Side 5
31. Table Of Contents For Sides 5 And 6
32. Early Development
33. "Computers Are People Two" (Excerpt)
34. Storyboards
35. Pre-Production Test
36. Computer-Generated Imagery
37. Lightcycle Designs
38. Recognizer Designs
39. Tank Designs
40. Sark's Carrier Designs
41. Solar Sailer Designs
42. The MCP Designs
43. The Bit Designs
44. Flynn Designs
45. Tron Designs
46. Video Warrior Designs
47. Yori Designs
48. Dumont Designs
49. Sark Designs
50. Guard Designs
51. Miscellaneous Character Designs
52. The Electronic World Designs

Side Six
53. Start Of Side 6
54. Table Of Contents For Side 6
55. Visual Effects
56. Opening Prologue
57. Deleted Scenes
58. Music
59. Trailers
60. Publicity And Merchandising
61. Credits
Extra Info
• A very nice 2 page lithograph insert