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LaserDisc's found: 31
Title Date UPC
FranceJackie Brown23-03-19993384446000303
JapanJackie Brown - ジャッキー・ブラウン27-11-19984900950132201
United StatesJackie Brown05-08-1998786936077940
United StatesJackie Brown05-08-1998786936082463
JapanJungle 2 Jungle24-07-19984988102443016
FranceJames et la pêche géante03-03-19983459370670820
United KingdomJackie Brown00-00-1998
United StatesJohnny Tremain27-08-1997786936039122
JapanJames and the Giant Peach24-08-19974988102400316
United StatesJames and the Giant Peach13-08-1997786936031300
United StatesJames and the Giant Peach13-08-1997786936031294
United StatesJungle 2 Jungle30-07-1997786936048834
United StatesJack26-02-1997786936032154
United StatesJane Eyre20-11-1996786936023367
JapanJudge Dredd - ジャッジ・ドレッド25-03-19964988102348311
SpainJungla de Cristal La Venganza00-00-19968422397500093
United StatesJudge Dredd20-12-1995786936526165
United StatesJefferson in Paris04-10-1995786936470864
United StatesJasmine's Enchanted Tales: The Greatest Treasure / Jasmine's Enchanted Tales: Jasmine's Wish05-04-1995786936414363
United StatesJiminy Cricket's Christmas15-10-1990712257747064
SpainJack El École00-00-00008422397500284
Hong KongJack00-00-00004892941400102
Hong KongJungle 2 Jungle00-00-00004892941400140
Hong KongJackie Brown00-00-00004891670702662
GermanyJudge Dredd00-00-00004012050132675
FranceJudge Dredd00-00-00003357802492685
FranceJudge Dredd00-00-00003357802492500
Hong KongJudge Dredd00-00-0000None
SingaporeJudge Dredd00-00-0000
MalaysiaJudge Dredd00-00-0000