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LaserDisc's found: 18
Title Date UPC
JapanIl ciclone - 踊れトスカーナ!25-04-20004988102529918
United StatesInstinct28-12-1999786936123470
United StatesInspector Gadget14-12-1999786936123463
United StatesIl Postino26-03-1997786936003208
JapanIl Postino The Postman25-01-19974988102377410
GermanyIm Körper des Feindes00-00-19974014276288143
JapanI Love Trouble - アイ・ラブ・トラブル25-08-19954988102322816
United StatesIt's Pat!: The Movie29-03-1995765362751068
JapanIron Will25-02-19954988102306519
United StatesIn the Army Now15-02-1995786936307962
United StatesI Love Trouble14-12-1994765362983063
United StatesIron Will22-06-1994765362545063
United StatesInto the West11-05-1994717951594068
United StatesIndian Summer22-09-1993717951936066
United StatesIn Search of the Castaways06-02-1992012257131062
JapanIt's a Goofy World28-10-1987
United StatesI Love trouble00-00-0000
Hong KongIl Postino The Postman00-00-00004892941400058