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LaserDisc's found: 58
Title Date UPC
JapanHe Got Game - ラストゲーム25-07-19994947127200974
United StatesHoly Man18-05-1999786936101133
United StatesHalloween H20: 20 Years Later30-03-1999786936092462
United StatesHalloween H20: 20 Years Later29-12-1998786936091380
JapanHercules - ヘラクレス22-12-19984988102457518
United StatesHe Got Game28-10-1998786936086706
United StatesHercules07-10-1998786936061673
JapanHercules - ヘラクレス07-10-19984988102452513
United StatesHercules07-10-1998786936079753
United StatesHercules07-10-1998786936082487
United KingdomHercules00-00-19985022626373318
United StatesHawk's Vengeance05-11-1997None
United StatesHerbie Goes Bananas17-09-1997786936048872
United StatesHerbie Goes to Monte Carlo17-09-1997786936048889
JapanHoney, We Shrunk Ourselves - ミクロキッズ324-08-19974988102400514
United StatesHoney, We Shrunk Ourselves02-04-1997786936038897
JapanHomeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco - 奇跡の旅2 サンフランシスコの大冒険21-02-19974988102379711
United StatesHellraiser: Bloodline04-12-1996786936023312
United StatesHidden Assassin02-10-1996786936017656
United StatesHalloween: The Curse of Michael Myers25-09-1996786936016062
United StatesHomeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco14-08-1996786936016024
JapanHocus Pocus - ホーカス・ポーカス21-10-19954988102332013
United StatesHeavyweights16-08-1995786936346367
United StatesHouseguest26-07-1995786936363166
United StatesHighlander: The Final Dimension31-05-1995786936361964
United StatesHeavenly Creatures31-05-1995786936437164
United StatesHoly Matrimony12-10-1994765362551064
United StatesHeidi29-06-1994765362242061
JapanHomeward Bound: The Incredible Journey25-04-19944988102270315
JapanHoney, I Blew Up the Kid25-01-19944988102249014
United StatesHocus Pocus05-01-1994765362144068
United StatesHerbie Rides Again11-08-1993012257042061
United StatesHomeward Bound: The Incredible Journey11-08-1993717951801067
United StatesHoney, I Blew Up the Kid04-03-1993717951371065
United StatesHappy Summer Days / Fun on the Job / The Goofy World of Sports20-08-1992717951455062
JapanHoney, I Shrunk the Kids25-11-19904988102037314
JapanHoney, I Shrunk the Kids25-11-1990
United StatesHoney, I Shrunk the Kids00-00-1990012257909067
Hong KongHoney, I Shrunk the Kids00-00-1990None
United StatesHere's Donald / Here's Goofy00-00-1988012257396065
United StatesHere's Mickey / Here's Pluto00-00-1988012257395068
JapanHerbie Rides Again28-07-1987T4966237040034
United StatesHow The Best Was Won: 1933 - 196000-00-1985None
United StatesHerbie Rides Again00-00-1983None
United StatesHey Cinderella!00-00-1983None
Hong KongHere's Donald!00-00-00004891670200021
Hong KongHere's Goofy!00-00-00004891670200038
Hong KongHere's Mickey! - 这是米奇00-00-00004891670200014