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Title Date UPC
JapanFun With English Volumes 7 & 8: School & Opposites / Birthday & Feeling10-09-19984988102448714
United StatesFrom Dusk Till Dawn05-08-1998786936051834
United StatesFlubber08-07-1998786936078688
United StatesFun And Fancy Free17-06-1998786936039146
United StatesFun And Fancy Free: 50th Anniversary Limited Edition17-06-1998786936049251
United StatesFlubber06-05-1998786936070484
JapanFisherman Mickey - ミッキーの楽しいアウトドア24-04-19984988102432218
JapanFun With English Volumes 5 & 6: On Holiday & Weather / Things That Go & Travel25-09-19974988102413910
United StatesFirst Kid05-03-1997786936031317
JapanFun With English Volume 321-02-19974988102379919
JapanFun With English Volume 421-02-1997
United StatesFrom Dusk Till Dawn20-11-1996786936051834
United StatesFavorite Stories: Three Little Pigs / Paul Bunyan13-11-1996786936023305
JapanFun With English Volume 1: My Body & Clothes21-09-19964988102364014
JapanFun With English Volume 2: Families & Food21-09-19964988102364113
JapanFather of the Bride Part II 21-09-19964988102363918
United StatesFour Rooms31-07-1996786936015973
United StatesFather of the Bride Part II17-07-1996786936008548
United StatesFresh22-02-1995786936304169
United StatesFarewell My Concubine21-09-1994765362522064
United StatesFather Hood30-03-1994765362226061
United StatesFlight Of The Navigator19-03-1993012257499063
United StatesFather of the Bride11-09-1992717951335067
United StatesFreaky Friday06-02-1992012257056068
United StatesFantasia01-11-1991017951132063
JapanFantasia Promo00-00-1991
United StatesFire Birds15-11-1990None
JapanFun And Fancy Free21-04-1985None
United StatesFlight Of The Navigator00-00-0000012257499063
JapanFlight Of The Navigator00-00-00004988102161118
Hong KongFantasia00-00-0000
United StatesFirst Do No Harm00-00-0000
United StatesFrog Prince00-00-0000None
United StatesFrom Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money00-00-0000786936098327
Hong KongFlubber00-00-00004892941400195
United StatesFraggle Songs: Volume 100-00-0000
TaiwanFather Hood00-00-0000None