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Title Date UPC
United StatesCelebrity10-08-1999786936105667
JapanChallenge Mickey24-07-19984988102443412
FranceCoquin De Printemps02-07-19983459370607499
United StatesCon Air01-07-1998786936059755
United StatesCop Land03-06-1998786936073829
United StatesCinderella: Rodgers & Hammerstein's04-03-1998786936061376
United StatesCurdled04-03-1998786936039054
GermanyCool Runnings00-00-19984014276151881
FranceCop Land00-00-19983459379603348
United StatesCon Air24-12-1997786936059182
United StatesCrimson Tide12-11-1997786936051797
United StatesCrime Story06-08-1997786936044539
United StatesCitizen Ruth25-06-1997786936044522
United StatesCrimson Tide22-11-1995786936525564
United StatesCinderella04-10-1995786936496468
United StatesCinderella04-10-1995786936526561
JapanCelebrate with Mickey29-09-19954988102323011
United StatesChildren of the Corn III: Urban Harvest13-09-1995786936326369
United StatesClerks30-08-1995786936361865
United StatesCamilla21-06-1995786936361360
United StatesCamp Nowhere29-03-1995786936307863
United StatesColor of Night08-02-1995765362550067
United StatesCiao, Professore!12-01-1995786936303667
JapanCool Runnings25-11-19944988102296810
United StatesCabin Boy03-08-1994765362521067
United StatesCool Runnings15-06-1994765362325061
JapanChip & Dale Rescue Rangers19-11-1993
JapanChip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers: Astro Nuts19-11-19934988102244316
JapanChip & Dale's Rescue Rangers25-07-1993
United StatesConsenting Adults07-04-1993717951523068
United StatesCaptain Ron24-03-1993717951586063
United StatesCrossing The Bridge19-03-1993717951584069
United StatesClassic Christmas From Ed Sullivan04-11-1992717951533067
United StatesCartoon Classics: Starring Donald & Daisy / Starring Pluto & Fifi28-10-1992717951540065
JapanChip & Dale's Rescue Rangers: Double Trouble25-10-19924988102169916
JapanChip & Dale's Rescue Rangers: Crime Busters25-10-19924988102170011
United StatesChip & Dale Rescue Rangers: Danger Ranger / Super Sleuths08-10-1992717951541062
United StatesCartoon Classics: Special Edition - Goofy20-08-1992717951455062
United StatesCandleshoe06-02-1992012257078060
United StatesCartoon Classics: Donald's Scary Tales / Halloween Haunts05-11-1990717951072061
United StatesCinderella04-10-1988012257410068
JapanCartoon Carousel28-09-19874966237040164
JapanCartoon Classic: Limited Gold Edition - Donald25-07-19864988102108687
JapanCartoon Classic: Limited Gold Edition - Daisy25-07-1986
United StatesCartoon Classics 2: Pluto00-00-1983
United StatesCartoon Classics 6: More Sport Goofy00-00-1983
United StatesCartoon Classics: Silly Symphonies! / Silly Symphonies: Animals Two By Two00-00-0000012257670066
United StatesCinderella00-00-0000012257410167
United StatesCartoon Classics: Starring Mickey & Minnie / Starring Chip 'n' Dale00-00-0000012257868067