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LaserDisc's found: 81
Title Date UPC
JapanBringing Out the Dead - 救命士25-08-20004988102545314
JapanBelle's Magical World - 美女と野獣 ベルのファンタジーワールド24-09-19994988102497217
JapanBambi - バンビ デラックス版25-06-19994988102489212
United StatesBeloved27-04-1999786936101126
JapanBambi - バンビ21-03-19994988102481414
JapanBlackjack - ブラックジャック 完全版10-11-19984900950130405
United StatesBeauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas21-10-1998786936070507
United StatesBlackjack30-09-1998786936076134
United StatesBrassed Off25-02-1998786936060829
United StatesBig Red14-01-1998786936055252
Hong KongBlackjack00-00-1998None
United StatesBounty Hunters31-12-1997786936058635
FranceBasil, Détective Privé14-05-19973459370613605
United StatesBasquiat16-04-1997786936033199
United StatesBedknobs and Broomsticks02-04-1997786936014396
JapanBefore and After21-03-19974988102383510
United StatesBambi05-02-1997786936030341
United StatesBambi05-02-1997786936033243
United StatesBoys27-11-1996786936023336
United StatesBeautiful Girls06-11-1996786936017618
United StatesBefore and After02-10-1996786936016093
United StatesBlue in the Face19-06-1996786936008531
JapanBullets Over Broadway10-03-19964988102346416
United StatesBest of the Best 3: No Turning Back03-01-1996786936525960
Hong KongBullets Over Broadway00-00-1996None
United StatesBad Company12-07-1995765362275762
United StatesBullets Over Broadway17-05-1995786936436860
United StatesBlank Check31-08-1994765362700066
United StatesBlue24-08-1994765362759064
JapanBorn Yesterday - ボーン・イエスタデイ25-03-19944988102247010
JapanBlackbeard's Ghost25-02-19944988102257613
United StatesBlood in Blood Out05-01-1994765362015061
JapanBambi - バンビ19-11-19934988102243814
United StatesBorn Yesterday27-10-1993717951744067
United StatesBeauty and the Beast29-09-1993717951325174
United StatesBeauty and the Beast29-09-1993717951325068
JapanBeauty and the Beast - 美女と野獣17-09-19934988102226619
JapanBeauty and the Beast17-09-19934988102226718
JapanBeauty and the Beast17-09-19934988102235017
United StatesBenji the Hunted15-02-1993012257594065
JapanBlame It on the Bellboy00-00-19934988102208714
JapanBilly Bathgate - ビリー・バスゲイト00-00-19934988102174613
United StatesBeauty and the Beast: Work in Progress24-11-1992717951591067
United StatesBabes in Toyland21-10-1992012257119060
United StatesBack to Hannibal: The Return of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn11-09-1992717951457066
United StatesBlame It on the Bellboy28-08-1992717951336064
United StatesBilly Bathgate04-06-1992717951337061
TaiwanBlack Rainbow00-00-1992None
United StatesBetsy's Wedding29-01-1991717951067067