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Title Date UPC
United StatesJefferson in Paris04-10-1995786936470864
United StatesRoommates04-10-1995765362559060
United StatesWinnie the Pooh: And Christmas Too / Frankenpooh04-10-1995786936394467
United StatesThe Jerky Boys: The Movie27-09-1995786936362466
United StatesThe Lion King20-09-1995786936461367
United StatesThe Lion King20-09-1995765362977062
United StatesDumbo15-09-1995012257024067
United StatesChildren of the Corn III: Urban Harvest13-09-1995786936326369
United StatesTom & Viv06-09-1995786936444162
United StatesClerks30-08-1995786936361865
United StatesHeavyweights16-08-1995786936346367
United StatesMan Of The House16-08-1995786936470369
United StatesMasterpiece Collection: Dumbo16-08-1995786936548563
United StatesMasterpiece Collection: The Sword In the Stone16-08-1995786936548464
United StatesTall Tale: The Unbelievable Adventure16-08-1995765362755066
United StatesWinnie The Pooh: Learning - Volume 2: Helping Others / Growing Up09-08-1995786936394368
United StatesMiami Rhapsody02-08-1995765362752065
United StatesReady to Wear02-08-1995786936443868
United StatesAladdin's Arabian Adventures - Creatures Of Invention / Magic Makers26-07-1995786936414561
United StatesHouseguest26-07-1995786936363166
United StatesSing Along Songs: Pocahontas - Colors of the Wind26-07-1995786936481464
United StatesRed19-07-1995786936437362
United StatesBad Company12-07-1995765362275762
United StatesQueen Margot05-07-1995786936443967
United StatesEd Wood27-06-1995765362758067
United StatesCamilla21-06-1995786936361360
United StatesSquanto: A Warrior's Tale21-06-19950765362552061
United StatesA Low Down Dirty Shame31-05-1995786936361162
United StatesHeavenly Creatures31-05-1995786936437164
United StatesHighlander: The Final Dimension31-05-1995786936361964
United StatesQuiz Show31-05-1995765362558063
United StatesThe Jungle Book31-05-1995786936460469
United StatesAngels in the Outfield24-05-1995765362753062
United StatesBullets Over Broadway17-05-1995786936436860
United StatesTerminal Velocity26-04-1995786936346169
United StatesThe Puppet Masters26-04-1995786936362862
United StatesThe Advocate19-04-1995765362560066
United StatesDragonslayer18-04-19950-7921-3479-6
United StatesDragonslayer18-04-1995013023432666
United StatesAriel's Songs & Stories05-04-1995
United StatesJasmine's Enchanted Tales05-04-1995786936414363
United StatesA Simple Twist of Fate29-03-1995786936308167
United StatesCamp Nowhere29-03-1995786936307863
United StatesIt's Pat!: The Movie29-03-1995765362751068
United StatesWinnie The Pooh Playtime - Volume 2: Pooh Party / Fun 'N Games03-03-1995765362592067
United StatesFresh22-02-1995786936304169
United StatesIn the Army Now15-02-1995786936307962
United StatesYour Personal Best Workout: Elle MacPherson15-02-1995786936457537
United StatesA La Mode08-02-1995786936360868
United StatesColor of Night08-02-1995765362550067