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LaserDisc's found: 1748
Title Date UPC
Hong KongHere's Pluto!00-00-0000
Hong KongJungle 2 Jungle00-00-00004892941400140
Hong KongLady and the Tramp00-00-0000
United StatesRide a Wild Pony00-00-0000786936055283
SpainRobin Hood00-00-00008422397502288
United StatesTin Men00-00-0000012257571066
TaiwanBad Company00-00-0000008899021939
United StatesBlack Rainbow00-00-0000014381859065
United KingdomBlack Rainbow00-00-00005027522010336
TaiwanDie Hard: With a Vengeance00-00-0000
Hong KongTerminal Velocity00-00-0000None
TaiwanQuiz Show00-00-0000
Hong KongRenaissance Man00-00-0000None
MalaysiaRenaissance Man00-00-0000
Hong KongJackie Brown00-00-00004891670702662
Hong KongColor of Night00-00-0000None
FranceColor of Night00-00-00003357802504234
SingaporeFrom Dusk Till Dawn00-00-00009556063800183
United KingdomGrosse Pointe Blank00-00-00005022626372618
SingaporeSuper Mario Bros.00-00-0000None
TaiwanSuper Mario Bros.00-00-0000None
Hong KongCrimson Tide00-00-0000None
SpainEl paciente inglés00-00-0000
GermanyJudge Dredd00-00-00004012050132675
FranceJudge Dredd00-00-00003357802492685
FranceJudge Dredd00-00-00003357802492500
Hong KongJudge Dredd00-00-0000None
SingaporeJudge Dredd00-00-0000
MalaysiaJudge Dredd00-00-0000
TaiwanSilent Trigger00-00-0000None
Hong KongMighty Aphrodite00-00-0000None
SpainPoderosa Afrodita00-00-00008425626009015
Taiwan3 Ninjas00-00-0000None
FranceNinja Kids00-00-00003384445001462
Hong KongThings to Do in Denver When You're Dead00-00-0000None
JapanThe Color of Money - ハスラー200-00-0000T4966237040072
United KingdomPulp Fiction00-00-00005027522011678
TaiwanPulp Fiction00-00-0000None
Hong KongFlirting with Disaster00-00-0000None
Hong KongAlive00-00-0000None
United KingdomThe Horseman on the Roof00-00-00005027522011494
TaiwanThe Horseman on the Roof00-00-0000None
Hong KongThe Horseman on the Roof00-00-0000
JapanBig Business - ビッグ・ビジネス00-00-00004966237040416