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LaserDisc's found: 1843
Title Date UPC
United StatesAlive01-09-1993717951596062
United StatesAlive31-07-1996786936008449
Hong KongAlive00-00-0000None
United KingdomAlive00-00-11945022626317312
JapanAlive - 生きてこそ10-03-19944988102253219
United StatesAlive: 20 Years Later00-00-0000717951922069
United StatesAll the Mornings of the World20-04-1994765362234066
United StatesAlvin and the Chipmunks: The Chipmunks Go to the Movies08-10-1992717951456069
United StatesAn Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn02-09-1998786936080858
United StatesAn American Werewolf In Paris03-06-1998786936076080
Hong KongAn American Werewolf in Paris00-00-1998None
JapanAn American Werewolf in Paris - ファングルフ27-03-19984900950118502
United StatesAn Innocent Man00-00-1990012257910063
JapanAn Innocent Man - イノセントマン 仕組まれた罠25-09-19914988102079314
United StatesAn Officer and a Duck00-00-1985None
JapanAnchor Woman - アンカーウーマン21-12-19964988102374310
United StatesAngels in the Outfield24-05-1995765362753062
TaiwanAngels in the Outfield00-00-0000008899020734
JapanAngels in the Outfield - エンジェルス22-12-19954988102339814
United StatesAngie05-10-1994765362556069
United StatesAnne of Avonlea00-00-0000012257650068
United StatesAnne of Green Gables00-00-0000012257642063
JapanAnne of Green Gables - 赤毛のアン25-06-1992T4988102149611
JapanAnne of Green Gables - 赤毛のアン25-06-1992T4988102149611
JapanAnne of Green Gables - 赤毛のアン25-03-19954988102310813
JapanAnne of Green Gables: The Sequel25-02-19994988102476113
United StatesAnother Stakeout20-04-1994765362171064
JapanAnother Stakeout00-00-19944988102293017
United StatesArachnophobia04-04-1991017951080067
United StatesAriel's Songs & Stories: Wish Upon a Starfish / Ariel's Songs & Stories: Giggles05-04-1995786936414165
United StatesArmageddon01-12-1998786936089134
United StatesArmageddon26-01-1999786936092417
Hong KongArmageddon00-00-00004891670702914
United KingdomArmageddon00-00-19995022626376814
United StatesArmageddon16-03-1999715515009720
SingaporeAround the World With Timon & Pumbaa00-00-00004892941300044
Hong KongAround the World with Timon & Pumbaa00-00-0000
United StatesAspen Extreme29-04-1993717951766069
United StatesAsterix & Cleopatra05-10-1990712257861067
United StatesAsterix the Gaul05-10-19900712257860060
United StatesAt Home with Donald Duck00-00-1979None
GermanyAus nächster Nähe00-00-19964012050134075
United StatesBabes in Toyland21-10-1992012257119060
United StatesBaby, Secret of the Lost Legend00-00-0000012257269062
United StatesBack to Hannibal: The Return of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn11-09-1992717951457066