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Title Date UPC
United StatesDisney ImaginActive Videodisc Sampler00-00-0000None
GermanyStirb Langsam - Jetzt erst recht00-00-00004014276221898
Hong KongGeorge of the Jungle00-00-00004892941400218
Hong KongQuiz Show00-00-0000None
Hong KongThe Hunchback of Notre Dame00-00-00004892941300105
United StatesDisney ImaginActive Videodisc: This is You & Your Five Senses (2nd Edition)00-00-0000None
United StatesDisney ImaginActive Videodisc: D.A.R.E. to Care00-00-0000None
Hong KongArmageddon00-00-00004891670702914
United KingdomMetro00-00-0000
Hong KongCheetah00-00-0000None
Hong KongThe Jungle Book00-00-0000None
Hong KongThe Rescuers Down Under00-00-00004892941300150
TaiwanBlank Check00-00-0000008899019639
TaiwanThe Three Musketeers00-00-0000None
TaiwanAngels in the Outfield00-00-0000008899020734
TaiwanThe Lookout00-00-0000None
TaiwanFather Hood00-00-0000None
TaiwanTerminal Velocity00-00-0000
TaiwanThe Crow00-00-0000008899019523
Hong KongMickey and the Beanstalk00-00-00004891670200106
Hong KongHomeward Bound: The Incredible Journey00-00-0000None
United StatesHello Again00-00-0000012257656060
United StatesDisneyland Park Synergy Program 199900-00-0000
TaiwanThe Little Mermaid00-00-0000
JapanThree Men and a Baby - スリーメン&ベビー00-00-0000T4966237040386
SpainBlancanieves y los siete enanitos00-00-00008422397500017
SpainLa Bella Durmiente00-00-00008422397500062
SpainToy Story00-00-00008422397500109
SpainCuando un Hombre Ama a una Mujer00-00-00008422397500116
SpainEl Cartero (y Pablo Neruda)00-00-00008422397500185
SpainMary Poppins00-00-00008422397500239
Spain101 Dálmatas (¡Más vivos que nunca!)00-00-00008422397500260
SpainLa Dama y el Vagabundo00-00-00008422397500277
SpainLa Cenicienta00-00-00008422397500338
SpainLos Tres Caballeros00-00-00008422397500918
JapanOff Beat00-00-0000
United StatesNew York Stories00-00-0000012257952063
United StatesStakeout00-00-0000012257596069