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LaserDisc's found: 28
Title Date UPC
United StatesOliver & Company17-09-1997786936030327
United StatesOperation Dumbo Drop03-04-1996786936574364
United StatesOf Love and Shadows08-01-1997786936023428
United StatesOld Yeller06-02-1992012257037067
United StatesOne Magic Christmas08-10-1992012257475067
United StatesOld Yeller00-00-1983None
United StatesOne Magic Christmas00-00-0000012257475067
United StatesOliver Twist11-02-1998786936061383
United StatesOliver & Company17-09-1997786936050196
United StatesOld Yeller03-11-1997786936053647
United StatesOn Vacation with Mickey Mouse and Friends00-00-1979None
United StatesOscar18-10-1991017951203060
United StatesOne Good Cop08-11-1991017951212062
United StatesOperation Condor07-01-1998786936058628
United StatesOperation Condor 2: The Armour of the Gods17-11-1998786936089127
United StatesOff Beat00-00-0000012257455069
United StatesOutrageous Fortune00-00-0000012257569063
United StatesOutrageous Fortune00-00-0000012257569063
United KingdomOliver & Company00-00-19975027522012118
SpainOliver y su Pandilla00-00-19978422397500192
JapanOn Holiday with Timon & Pumbaa25-05-19974988102388010
JapanOff Beat00-00-0000
JapanOne Man's Justice - ニューヨーク・ジャスティス25-04-19924988102113513
JapanOne Man's War00-00-19934988102233716
JapanOscar - オスカー25-02-19924988102104016
JapanOutrageous Fortune - うるさい女たち00-00-00004966237040355
Hong KongOliver & Company00-00-00004892941300143
FranceOliver & Compagnie15-04-19973459370640304