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LaserDisc's found: 36
Title Date UPC
United StatesEscape to Witch Mountain00-00-1982None
United StatesEl Cid00-00-0000
United StatesEscape to Witch Mountain11-08-1993012257013061
United StatesElvis: Great Performances - Volume One: Center Stage00-00-0000717951032065
United StatesElvis: Great Performances - Volume Two: The Man and the Music00-00-1990717951033062
United StatesEveryone Says I Love You01-10-1997786936048858
United StatesErnest Goes to Jail29-01-1991717951065063
United StatesEvita20-08-1997786936050936
United StatesEvita17-09-1997786936051216
United StatesErnest Scared Stupid24-09-1992717951305060
United StatesEncino Man24-11-1992717951383068
United StatesErnest Goes to Camp08-10-1992012257593068
United StatesErnest Saves Christmas00-00-0000012257953060
United StatesEnemy of the State20-07-1999786936105650
United StatesEverest30-03-1999786936098341
United StatesEthan Frome04-08-1993717951763068
United StatesExistenz28-12-1999786936123494
United StatesEd Wood27-06-1995765362758067
United StatesEddie19-02-1997786936023374
United StatesEmma23-04-1997786936033182
United StatesExotica08-11-1995786936470468
SpainEl Jorobado de Notre Dame04-03-19978422397500208
SpainEl Rey Leon00-00-19958422397500055
SpainEl Cartero (y Pablo Neruda)00-00-00008422397500185
SpainEl negociador00-00-00008422397500307
SpainEl paciente inglés00-00-0000
SingaporeEd Wood00-00-0000
JapanEscape to Witch Mountain28-08-1987
JapanEnemy of the State - エネミー・オブ・アメリカ22-12-19994988102497118
JapanEd Wood25-02-19964988102347116
Hong KongEnemy of the State00-00-00004891670703188
Hong KongEd Wood00-00-0000None
Hong KongErnest Scared Stupid00-00-0000None
FranceEnnemi d'état06-01-20003459379606097
FranceEsprits rebelles00-00-00003459370673982