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LaserDisc's found: 58
Title Date UPC
JapanScream 3 - スクリーム 311-08-20004988102542412
JapanThe Sixth Sense - シックス・センス コレクターズ・エディション19-07-20004988102538613
United StatesThe Faculty15-06-1999786936105674
Hong KongSnake Eyes00-00-19994891670703010
JapanScream - スクリーム デラックス版23-12-19984988102465018
United StatesScream26-08-1998786936079784
United StatesScream 224-06-1998786936077919
United StatesScream 224-06-1998786936077926
GermanyScream - Schrei!00-00-19984012050543471
JapanScream - スクリーム21-12-19974988102414917
United StatesThe Moon-Spinners03-12-1997786936048919
JapanPowder - パウダー25-10-19974988102403911
United StatesScream02-07-1997786936044546
JapanBefore and After21-03-19974988102383510
Hong KongScream00-00-1997None
United KingdomScream00-00-19975022626372212
United StatesLoaded31-12-1996786936023350
United StatesBoys27-11-1996786936023336
United StatesBefore and After02-10-1996786936016093
United StatesSomething Wicked This Way Comes18-09-1996786936014471
United StatesPowder26-06-1996786936008524
United StatesFeast of July19-06-1996786936008517
JapanTrois Couleurs10-02-19964900950018116
GermanyColor of Night00-00-1996None
JapanTerminal Velocity - ターミナル・ベロシティ25-08-19954988102323615
United StatesRed19-07-1995786936437362
JapanColor of Night25-06-19954988102318314
JapanTrois Couleurs: Rouge25-06-19954900950017317
United StatesTerminal Velocity26-04-1995786936346169
JapanTrois Couleurs: Bleu10-02-19954900950015313
United StatesColor of Night08-02-1995765362550067
United StatesBlue24-08-1994765362759064
United StatesTales From Avonlea: Magical Moments - Volume 330-03-1994717951930064
United StatesTales From Avonlea: Felicity's First Date - Volume 430-03-1994717951931061
TaiwanColor of Night00-00-1994None
United StatesTales From Avonlea: The Journey Begins - Volume 101-12-1993717951928061
United StatesTales From Avonlea: The Gift of Friendship - Volume 201-12-1993717951929068
JapanThe Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag - ベティ・ルーは犯罪者?25-10-19934988102233617
United StatesThe Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag06-05-1993717951463067
United StatesConsenting Adults07-04-1993717951523068
JapanDeceived - 幸せの向う側25-03-19934988102202118
United StatesThe Watcher in the Woods08-10-1992012257068061
United StatesDeceived04-06-1992717951306067
United StatesSomething Wicked This Way Comes00-00-1983None
United StatesShades of Fear00-00-0000
TaiwanTerminal Velocity00-00-0000
JapanConsenting Adults00-00-00004988102282219
FranceTerminal Velocity00-00-00003459372736661