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LaserDisc's found: 24
Title Date UPC
United StatesAir Bud: Golden Receiver12-01-1999786936091366
United StatesAn Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn02-09-1998786936080858
GermanyCool Runnings00-00-19984014276151881
United StatesHerbie Goes Bananas17-09-1997786936048872
Japanくまのプーさん 完全保存版25-07-19974988102397814
JapanFun with English Volume 3: 21-02-19974988102379919
United StatesAladdin and the King of Thieves29-01-1997786936460964
Spain101 dálmatas00-00-19968422397500079
JapanSing Along Songs: The Lion King - Circle of Life29-09-19954988102323219
JapanWinnie the Pooh Playtime: Detective Tigger25-01-19954988102303518
SpainEl Rey Leon00-00-19958422397500055
United StatesAlice in Wonderland28-10-1994012257036060
United StatesSuper Mario Bros.08-12-1993765362008063
United StatesGoof Troop: Goin' Fishin' / Goof Troop: Banding Together22-04-19930717951745064
United StatesAlice in Wonderland12-07-1991012257036060
United StatesAlice in Wonderland27-05-1986012257036060
United StatesSilly Symphonies: Animal Tales00-00-1986012257366068
FranceChérie, j'ai agrandi le bébé00-00-00003459370613711
FranceChérie, j'ai rétréci les gosses00-00-00003459370609097
Singapore101 Dalmatians00-00-0000
Hong KongCinderella00-00-00004891670200052
Hong KongFantasia00-00-0000
Spain101 Dálmatas (¡Más vivos que nunca!)00-00-00008422397500260