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Title Date UPC
JapanEnemy of the State - エネミー・オブ・アメリカ22-12-19994988102497118
United StatesThe Waterboy23-03-1999786936098358
United StatesArmageddon01-12-1998786936089134
JapanThe Nightmare Before Christmas10-11-19984988102457617
JapanStarship Troopers06-11-19984988102460310
JapanFace/Off - フェイス/オフ28-08-19984988102448615
United StatesA Thousand Acres08-04-1998786936069402
AustraliaAir Force One00-00-1998A024800VFE
United StatesThe War At Home15-10-1997786936050899
United StatesPhenomenon24-09-1997786936051827
JapanWho Framed Roger Rabbit + Best Of Roger Rabbit21-09-19964988102364212
JapanFather of the Bride Part II21-09-19964988102363918
SpainJungla de Cristal La Venganza00-00-19968422397500093
JapanSister Act 2: Back in the Habit25-02-19954988102306311
United StatesWhen a Man Loves a Woman16-11-1994765362549061
United StatesWhat's Love Got To Do With It23-03-1994765362011063
United StatesTrue Identity30-07-1992717951256065
United StatesTruly Madly Deeply04-06-1992717951353061
United StatesWhat About Bob?13-12-1991017951224065
United StatesThree Men and a Little Lady07-06-1991717951139061
United StatesWho Framed Roger Rabbit00-00-1990012257940060
United StatesThree Fugitives00-00-1990012257950069
JapanWho Framed Roger Rabbit - ロジャー・ラビット23-12-19894988102175382
United StatesWho Framed Roger Rabbit00-00-1989012257940169
United StatesDown and Out in Beverly Hills00-00-1986012257473063
JapanWho Framed Roger Rabbit?00-00-00004988102175382
United StatesZentropa00-00-0000717951599063
FranceDernières heures à Denver00-00-00003459370676969
United StatesStella00-00-0000717951995063
Hong KongCon Air00-00-00004892941400157
United StatesHello Again00-00-0000012257656060