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Title Date UPC
GermanyGeorge der aus dem Dschungel kam00-00-00004014276290160
United StatesGood Morning, Vietnam00-00-0000012257660067
Hong KongGeorge of the Jungle00-00-00004892941400218
United KingdomGrosse Pointe Blank00-00-00005022626372618
Hong KongGreen Card00-00-0000None
United StatesGus00-00-1983None
United StatesGross Anatomy01-08-1990012257961065
United StatesGreat Expectations30-10-1990717951062062
FranceGreen Card20-02-19913330561903449
United StatesGreen Card19-07-1991017951141065
JapanGood Morning, Vietnam25-05-19924988102116217
United StatesGoof Troop: Goin' Fishin' / Goof Troop: Banding Together22-04-19930717951745064
United StatesGuilty as Sin08-12-1993765362009060
JapanGuilty as Sin25-08-19944988102275716
JapanGive Me a Break - ライフwithマイキー25-08-19944988102282318
United StatesGolden Gate12-10-1994786936303360
United StatesGargoyles the Movie: The Heroes Awaken31-01-1995786936393668
United StatesGordy06-12-1995786936436969
FranceGazon maudit22-02-19963388333502925
United StatesGeorgia31-07-1996786936015997
Hong KongG.I. Jane00-00-19974891670702600
Hong KongGood Will Hunting00-00-19974891670702709
United StatesGood Morning, Vietnam22-01-1997786936008456
United StatesGrosse Pointe Blank29-10-1997786936053869
United StatesGeorge of the Jungle03-12-1997786936068177
United StatesGone Fishin'17-12-1997786936053883
United KingdomGood Will Hunting00-00-19985022626375619
United KingdomGood Morning, Vietnam00-00-19985022626373219
United StatesG.I. Jane25-02-1998786936067569
FranceGeorge de la jungle14-05-19983459379601085
United StatesGood Will Hunting22-07-1998786936077964
United StatesGood Will Hunting19-08-1998786936082883
JapanG.I. Jane21-08-19984975769158537
JapanGood Will Hunting - グッド・ウィル・ハンティング25-09-19984988102452810
JapanGeorge of the Jungle - ジャングル・ジョ-ジ10-06-19994988102485412