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LaserDisc's found: 21
Title Date UPC
United StatesThe Apple Dumpling Gang06-02-1992012257018066
United StatesIn Search of the Castaways06-02-1992012257131062
United StatesOld Yeller06-02-1992012257037067
United StatesThe Story of Robin Hood06-02-1992012257302066
United StatesKidnapped06-02-1992012257111064
United StatesCandleshoe06-02-1992012257078060
United StatesThe Love Bug06-02-1992012257012064
United StatesThe Parent Trap06-02-1992012257107067
United StatesThe Absent-Minded Professor31-12-1992012257028065
United StatesThe Sword and the Rose06-01-1993012257266061
United StatesPollyanna06-01-1993012257045062
United StatesThe Shaggy Dog11-08-1993012257043068
United StatesEscape to Witch Mountain11-08-1993012257013061
United StatesThe Light in the Forest27-08-1997786936039139
United StatesJohnny Tremain27-08-1997786936039122
United StatesHerbie Goes Bananas17-09-1997786936048872
United StatesHerbie Goes to Monte Carlo17-09-1997786936048889
United StatesThe Shaggy D.A.08-10-1997786936048896
United StatesThe Absent-Minded Professor03-12-1997786936059762
United StatesThe Moon-Spinners03-12-1997786936048919
United StatesSon of Flubber10-12-1997786936055221