Front cover: The Jungle Book

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Country: United States United States
Category: NES
Genre: Action
Title: The Jungle Book
Publisher: Virgin Interactive
Release Date: 00-08-1994
UPC: 052145800137
ISBN: ???
Catalog Number: NES-JJ-USA
Journey as Mowgli through the magical adventures of Walt Disney's The JUNGLE BOOK original animated film! Explore vivid worlds, encounter wild creatures, and challenge all the jungle pals in this trek to survive the wild jungle.
Watch Mowgli grow before you very eyes as he learns new tricks and journeys to exciting new levels of fun in JUNGLE BOOK: Mowgli’s Wild Adventure. Bagheera, Baloo, and all your favorite residents of Rudyard Kipling's JUNGLE BOOK are on hand to help Mowgli on his journey. This side-scrolling adventure is filled with wonderful animation and backgrounds rendered in a pleasing color palate, along with some stunning pieces of full-motion video. Parents will be delighted to see that Mowgli’s approach to solving a series of engaging puzzles is non-violent in nature: troublesome predators are knocked out of the way with pieces of jungle fruit. As Mowgli solves problems he’ll earn skills that will take him deeper and deeper into the game, where he’ll face some difficult yet not impossible to defeat foes.