Front cover: Tron: Deadly Discs

Games info
Country: Canada Canada
Category: Intellivision
Genre: Action
Title: Tron: Deadly Discs
Publisher: Mattel Electronics
Release Date: 00-00-1982
UPC: ???
ISBN: ???
Catalog Number: 5391
Based on the futuristic adventure Motion Picture from Walt Disney Productions. Your task is to bring TRON safely through battle after battle against computer-controlled attackers. Lethal saucers are the weapons. It’s a soaring, blocking, running fight.

* For one player. Four skill levels. At any level, the higher the point score, the harder the game.
* Realistic warrior attackers, taken from the movie! 3 varieties, each more deadly than the last.
* Warrior attackers come at Tron from all sides! Try a fast exit “Teleport” (in one door, out another)! Take ‘em from the rear!
* Action sounds! “Swish” of flying disc, etc. No top score limit. You keep on scoring above 1,000,000 points!