Front cover: Lilo & Stitch 2 + Peter Pan Return To Neverland

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Country: France France
Category: GBA
Genre: ???
Title: Lilo & Stitch 2 + Peter Pan Return To Neverland
Publisher: Buena Vista Games
Release Date: 17-11-2005
UPC: 8717418072582
ISBN: ???
Catalog Number: ???
Lilo & Stitch 2
Play as both Stitch and Lilo to rescue Nina and David who have been kidnapped by the evil Hamsterviel and taken onboard his spaceship. To complicate things, Hamsterviel created evil alien Experiments that go head-to-head with our heroes. Start by capturing each Experiment and harnessing their special power in order to progress and capture the next. Sparky, Experiment 22, will help you out with his powerful electricity balls. Or, Richter, Experiment 513, can help shake things up by igniting a rockin', rollin' earthquake! There are three modes of play, including platform shooting as Stitch, navigation and strategy as Lilo and action-packed racing. Players can also play against each other in the multiplayer mode.

Peter Pan - Return To Never Land
Return to Never Land with Peter Pan! Tinker Bell has been kidnapped, so you've got to rescue her and all of the Lost Boys spread throughout levels in the game. Fly and fight Captain Hook's henchmen to rescue Tink. Find power-ups, find secret items and unlock scenes from the film. Based on Disney's animated feature sequel. Players can choose to be either Peter Pan or Tinkerbell and explore over 20 levels filled with plenty of puzzles, races and sword fights. Also features a special mode for older gamers that significantly increases the challenge.