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Title Reference
United StatesMonster From Under the Sea 1106
United StatesNiok, The Orphan Elephant
United StatesThe Tortoise and the Hare 1415
United StatesThe Dwarfs' Dilemma
United StatesPeter Pan Meets Captain Hook
United StatesThe Rescue
United StatesMonstro the Whale 1104
United StatesMatch Of The Century
United StatesMowgli The Jungle Boy
United StatesKidnapped At Sea
United StatesThe Small One
United StatesLend A paw
United StatesThe Band Concert
United StatesPerilous Mission
United StatesJumbo Cartoon Parade 1
United StatesBillposters
United StatesAfter School Special / Dear Lovely Heart
United StatesOne Day At Teton Marsh
United StatesThe Deer Family
United StatesElmer Elephant
United StatesThree Little Pigs
United StatesAn Evening With Lady And The Tramp: Part Two
United StatesMuzzle Trouble: Part One
United StatesFeliz Navidad
United StatesDonald's Fire Survival Plan 101837
United StatesI'm No Fool In Water
United StatesRun, Appaloosa, Run
United StatesIn Dutch
United StatesThe Prince And The Dragon
United StatesWalt Disney Character Films: Mother Pluto
United StatesWalt Disney Character Films: Running Wild 1519A
United StatesA World Is Born
United StatesBambi Falls In Love
United StatesIsland Of Mystery
United StatesThe Rescuers
United StatesCharley And The Angel
United StatesCaliforny 'Er Bust
United StatesBuffalo: Majestic Symbol Of The American Plains
United StatesThe Old Mill
United StatesNature's Strangest Creatures
United StatesThe Mystic Castle 2119C
United StatesMysteries Of The Deep 104338
United StatesSecrets Of The Underwater World 104340
United StatesVisit To Epcot Center 104341
United StatesPete's Dragon
United StatesOnce Upon A Dream
United StatesThe Aristocats
United StatesMickey's Delayed Date
United StatesCartoon Cavalcade Volumes 1 & 2
United StatesDisney's Greatest Chases