Where the Red Fern Grows / Where the Red Fern Grows

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Title: Where the Red Fern Grows
Original Title: Where the Red Fern Grows
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Country: Canada Canada
Region: R1-CA
Category: Live Action
Genre: Drama, Family
Release Date: 21-12-2004
Year: 2003
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1, 16x9 & 1.33:1, 4:3
Length: 86 Minutes
Packaging: White keepcase
Insert: Yes
Number of DVD's: 1
Chapters: ???
Dolby Digital 5.1: English
Subtitles: English, English for the hearing impaired
Publisher: Crusader Entertainment, Elixir Films, Bob Yari Productions, MysticArt Pictures, Wtrfg, Doty-Dayton Production, Persik Productions
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: ???
UPC: 786936253122
Catalog Number: ???
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Disney presents Wilson Rawls' unforgettable classic story about a boy and his dogs, which has been loved for generations. Now all the adventure and simple wisdom of the cherished novel come alive in the all-new movie WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS. What 10-year-old Billy Coleman (Joseph Ashton) wants most in the world is a hunting dog. After two long years of hard work, he saves up enough money to buy a pair of redbone hound pups, and it's love at first sight! Before long, Billy trains "Old Dan" and "Little Ann" to be the finest hunting team in the valley. As the inseparable trio chase the wily "ghost raccoon" and confront danger together, Billy learns the meaning of loyalty, courage, and perseverance. Featuring songs by Wynonna and Alison Krauss, and starring Ned Beatty, Dabney Coleman, Kris Kristofferson, and recording sensation Dave Matthews in his film debut, WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS is a timeless tale of love and friendship that will entertain and inspire the entire family.
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Joseph Ashton - Billy Coleman
Dave Matthews - Will Coleman
Renee Faia - Jenny Coleman
Mac Davis - Hod Bellington
Kris Kristofferson - Older Billy Coleman
Ned Beatty - Sheriff Abe McConnell
Dabney Coleman - Grandpa
Gary Anson - Bully Wendell
Orvel Baldridge - Mr. Pritchard
Robert Bauman - Hunter #2
Andrew Dickison - Rainie Pritchard
Stuart Dickison - Rubin Pritchard
Julia Downs - Sarah Coleman
Tess Downs - Alice Coleman
Kevin Gourd - Bully Garth
Zack Hamilton - Bully Bart
Kyle Jeffrey - Rubin #2
Lindsey Labadie - Delores
Dave Lowry - Farmer
Erin O'Shaughnessy - Customer
Stan Randolph - Minister
Steve Sandalis - Steve Johnson
Charles Seat - Carl Brown
Eric Starkey - Ben Kyle
Luke Strode - Rainie #2
Robert S. Telford - Station Master
Baron - Dan the dog
Johnny Dowers - (voice) (uncredited)
Rocky Frisco - Grandpa Pritchard (uncredited)
- The Roots Of A Classic -- Explore the story's journey from book to film through interviews with the author's wife and filmmakers.
- Lights, Camera, Animals -- Learn how the film's animal stars were "discovered" and trained for their roles.
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