Dead Poets Society / Dead Poets Society

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Title: Dead Poets Society
Original Title: Dead Poets Society
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Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Region: R2-UK
Category: Live Action
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Release Date: 13-05-2002
Year: 1989
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1, 16x9
Length: 123 Minutes
Packaging: DVD Keepcase
Insert: No
Number of DVD's: 1
Chapters: ???
Dolby Digital 5.1: English, Spanish
Dolby Digital 2.0: Audio Described English
Subtitles: English, English for the hearing impaired, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic
Publisher: Touchstone Pictures, Silver Screen Partners IV, A Steven Haft Production, Witt/Thomas Productions
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: None
UPC: 5017188884846
Catalog Number: BED888484
Spine Number: Keepcase = Z1B BED888484
DVD: ???
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When charismatic English professor John Keating (Oscar® winner Robin Williams* — 1987 Best Actor, Good Morning, Vietnam) arrives at a strict boys academy, his unconventional teaching methods breathe new life into the curriculum steeped in tradiion. With his wit and wisdom, Keating inspires his students to pursue individual passions and make their lives extraordinary.

*Best Supporting Actor, Good Will Hunting, 1997
Original Other
Robin Williams - John Keating
Robert Sean Leonard - Neil Perry
Ethan Hawke - Todd Anderson
Josh Charles - Knox Overstreet
Gale Hansen - Charlie Dalton
Dylan Kussman - Richard Cameron
Allelon Ruggiero - Steven Meeks
James Waterston - Gerard Pitts
Norman Lloyd - Mr. Nolan
Kurtwood Smith - Mr. Perry
Carla Belver - Mrs. Perry
Leon Pownall - McAllister
George Martin - Dr. Hager
Joe Aufiery - Chemistry Teacher
Matt Carey - Hopkins
Kevin Cooney - Joe Danburry
Jane Moore - Mrs. Danburry
Lara Flynn Boyle - Ginny Danburry (scenes deleted)
Colin Irving - Chet Danburry
Alexandra Powers - Chris Noel
Melora Walters - Gloria
Welker White - Tina
Steve Mathios - Steve
Alan Pottinger - Bubba
Pamela Burrell - Directing Teacher
Allison Hedges - Actor / Fairy
Christine D'Ercole - Titania
John Cunningham - Mr. Anderson
Debra Mooney - Mrs. Anderson
John Martin Bradley - Bagpiper
Charles Lord - Mr. Dalton
Kurt Leitner - Lester
Richard Stites - Stick
James J. Christy - Spaz
Catherine Soles - Stage Manager
Hoover Sutton - Welton Professor
James Donnell Quinn - Procession Alumnus
Simon Mein - Welton Vicar
Ashton W. Richards - Phys. Ed. Teacher
Robert Gleason - Father of Spaz
Bill Rowe - Dormitory Porter
Robert J. Zigler III - Beans
Keith Snyder - Russell
Nicholas K. Gilhool - Shroom
Jonas Stiklorius - Jonas
Craig Johnson - Dewey
Chris Hull - Ace
Jason Woody - Woodsie
Sam Stegeman - Sam
Andrew Hill - Senior Student
Serena Ebhardt - Midsummer Night's Paton (uncredited)
Joel Fogel - Professor (uncredited)
Newton Gilchrist - Teacher in Teacher's Room (uncredited)
Barry Godin - Language Teacher (uncredited)
Kate Kearney-Patch - Mother in Opening Scene (uncredited)
Jamie Kennedy - (uncredited)
Nancy Kirk - Parent (uncredited)
Stephen Podolak - Theater Patron (uncredited)
Jeffrey Santoro - Public School Student (uncredited)
James R. Stoddard - Father (uncredited)
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