Entgleist / Die Hand an der Wiege / Derailed, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

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Title: Entgleist / Die Hand an der Wiege
Original Title: Derailed, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
IMDb / Disneyinfo: Entgleist   
Die Hand an der Wiege   
Country: Germany Germany
Region: R2-DE
Category: Live Action
Serie: 2 Action-Hits - 1 Preis
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Release Date: 10-05-2012
Year: 2005, 1992
Aspect Ratio: ???
Length: ??? Minutes
Packaging: 2 DVD Keepcase im Schuber
Insert: Nein
Number of DVD's: 1
Chapters: ???
Subtitles: ???
Publisher: Di Bonaventura Pictures, Miramax, Patalex V Productions Limited, Hollywood Pictures, Interscope Communications, Nomura Babcock & Brown, Rock'n Cradle Productions
Distribution: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
ISBN: Nein
UPC: 8717418349745
Catalog Number: BGG0018104SC4FA
Spine Number: Slipcase = BGG0018104
DVD: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
Original Other
Vincent Cassel - LaRoche
Clive Owen - Charles Schine
Addison Timlin - Amy Schine
Melissa George - Deanna Schine
Jennifer Aniston - Lucinda Harris
Sandra Bee - Train Conductor
RZA - Winston Boyko
William Armstrong - Accountant
Tom Conti - Eliot Firth
Rachael Blake - Susan Davis (as Rachel Blake)
Richard Leaf - Night Clerk Ray
Xzibit - Dexter
Catherine McCord - Avery Price Receptionist
Denis O'Hare - Jerry the Lawyer
Georgina Chapman - Candy
David Oyelowo - Patrol Officer
Giancarlo Esposito - Detective Church
Claire Lubert - Bank Teller
Jennifer Joan Taylor - Real Estate Agent
David Morrissey - Sam Griffin
Sam Douglas - Homicide Detective
Ortis Deley - Lake Hotel Police Officer
Danny McCarthy - Correctional Officer Hank
Rayn Romain - Correctional Officer 2
Chiké Okonkwo - Paramedic
James Crisman - Prison Guard 1
Marcus Holton - Prison Guard 2
Leo McCoy - Prison Guard 3
Roberto Rangel - Prison Guard 4
Ronald Tanner - Man in Prison Laundry
Dozer - Bernie the Dog
James Bednark - Man at Bar (uncredited)
Floyd Bradley - Man in Bar (uncredited)
Joshua Brail - School Child (uncredited)
Jason Camp - Inmate (uncredited)
Chenique Charmaine - Commuter (uncredited)
Idrees Degas - Commuter (uncredited)
Aimee Denaro - Waitress (uncredited)
Sue Durso - Park Scene and Murder Scene (uncredited)
Danny Erskine - Club Doorman (uncredited)
James Fisher - Barman (uncredited)
Reese Foster - Train Passenger (uncredited)
Clifford M. Freeney - Police Officer (uncredited)
Dan Gossen - Inmate (uncredited)
Patricia E. Harrington - Commuter (uncredited)
Georgiana Jianu - Business Woman (uncredited)
Nathan Lee - Gangster (uncredited)
Alexandra LoRusso - Train Commuter (uncredited)
Sergio Mojica - Commuter (uncredited)
Cherie Nichole - Executive Assistant (uncredited)
Ike Ononye - Prison Inmate (uncredited)
Libby Pedersen - Commuter (uncredited)
Ernest Pierce - Prisoner (uncredited)
Mel Raido - Business Executive (uncredited)
Sam Raysby - Man in trench coat (uncredited)
Angelina Riposta - Commuter (uncredited)
Christian Rose - Neighbor (uncredited)
Gary Sedlock - Train Commuter (uncredited)
Georgie Smith - Business Woman (uncredited)
Spo - Train Commuter (uncredited)
Michael Stailey - Business Commuter (uncredited)
Joey Strobel - Commuter (uncredited)
Richard Strobel - Commuter (uncredited)
Meiko Taylor - Business Commuter (uncredited)
Ron Valdez - Commuter (uncredited)

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
Annabella Sciorra - Claire
Rebecca De Mornay - Peyton
Matt McCoy - Michael
Ernie Hudson - Solomon
Julianne Moore - Marlene
Madeline Zima - Emma
John de Lancie - Dr. Mott
Kevin Skousen - Marty
Mitchell Laurance - Lawyer
Justin Zaremby - Schoolyard Bully
Eric Melander - Baby Joe
Jennifer Melander - Baby Joe
Ashley Melander - Baby Joe
Cliff Lenz - Seattle Today Host
Penny LeGate - Seattle Today Host
Mary Anne Owen - Dr. Mott's Nurse
Therese Tinling - Receptionist (as Therese Xavier Tinling)
Todd Jamieson - Surgeon
Laura Ferri - Emergency Room Nurse
Dee Dee Van Zyl - Emergency Room Nurse
Cristine McMurdo-Wallis - Peyton's Nurse
Sara Jennifer Sharp - Peyton's Nurse
Susan Chin - Newscaster
Kimberly Hill - Newscaster
Jane Jones - Woman in Park
Ericka Matson - Child in Schoolyard
Robert James - Child in Schoolyard
Aimee Kanemori - Child in Schoolyard
Elane Micklesen - Child in Schoolyard
Brian T. Finney - Botanical Gardens Worker
Stephen West - Federal Express Clerk
David Scully - Male Lab Worker
Julie Clemmons - Female Lab Worker
Joseph Franklin - Man At Cleaners
Tom Francis - Marlene's Assistant
Jeff Conkel - Paramedic
Patrick Ryals - Policeman
Charles Lucia - Realtor (as Chip Lucia)
Tim Brandt - Man in Black on the Street (uncredited)
Rachel Glenn - Emma's Friend (uncredited)
Valerie Masterson - Recorded Singer (uncredited)
Roger Petan - Pedestrian / Hospital Patient (uncredited)
Chuck Riley - Narrator of Theatrical Trailer (voice) (uncredited)
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