Free Guy / Free Guy

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Title: Free Guy
Original Title: Free Guy
IMDb / Disneyinfo:   
Country: Netherlands Netherlands
Region: R2-NL
Category: Live Action
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
Release Date: 05-01-2022
Year: 2021
Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1, 16x9
Length: 110 Minutes
Packaging: DVD Keepcase
Insert: Nee
Number of DVD's: 1
Chapters: ???
Subtitles: ???
Production: 20th Century Studios, Berlanti Television, 21 Laps Entertainment, Maximum Effort, Lit Entertainment Group, TSG Entertainment
Distribution: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
UPC: 8717418598433
Catalog Number: Nee
Spine Number: ???
DVD: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
Original Other
Ryan Reynolds - Guy
Jodie Comer - Millie / Molotovgirl
Lil Rel Howery - Buddy
Joe Keery - Keys
Utkarsh Ambudkar - Mouser
Taika Waititi - Antwan
Aaron W Reed - Dude (as Aaron Reed)
Britne Oldford - Barista
Camille Kostek - Bombshell
Mark Lainer - Hostage
Mike Devine - Officer Johnny
Sophie Levy - Big City Dreamer
Vernon Scott - Bank Manager
Naheem Garcia - Convenience Store Owner Joe
Anabel Graetz - Cat Lady Phyllis
Ric Plamenco - Ice Cream Vendor
Kenneth Israel - Businessman
Michael Malvesti - Newsstand Vendor
Colin Allen - Shoe Store Clerk
Michael Tow - Rain Man
Hugh Jackman - Masked Player in Alley (voice)
Dwayne Johnson - Bank Robber #2 (voice)
Tina Fey - Vacuuming Mom (voice)
John Krasinski - Silhouetted Gamer (voice)
Alex Trebek - Alex Trebek
Lara Spencer - Lara Spencer
Matty Cardarople - Keith, the 22-Year-Old Gamer
Jonathan De Azevedo - Jonathan
Destiny Claymore - Art Nerd (as Destiny 'Claymore' McCottrell)
Tyler Blevins - Ninja (as Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins)
Imane 'Pokimane' Anys - Pokimane (as Imane Anys)
Lannan Eacott - Lazarbeam
Seán McLoughlin - Jacksepticeye (as Seán William McLoughlin)
Daniel Middleton - DanTDM
Charlotte Levy - Tween Gamer Girl
Colette Levy - Foul-Mouthed Little Sister
Mariama Condé - Teenage Girl (as Mariama Conde)
Olivia Z Cote - Teenage Girl
Ryan Doyle - Teenage Boy
Bob Gilliam - Free City News Anchor (as Bobby Gilliam)
Terri Schwartz - IGN Reporter
Eugene Nomura - Japanese Reporter
Euri Nomura - Hinata
Octavia Chavez-Richmond - Real World Coffee Shop Server
Raj Jawa - Quad-Screen Gamer
Charlie Lehmer - Quad-Screen Gamer
Elainy Mata - Quad-Screen Gamer
Jack McLaglen - Quad-Screen Gamer
Jose Guns Alves - Soonami Security Guard
Minh-Anh Day - Soonami Employee
Ella Faria - Austrian Female Gamer
Francisco Marquez - Bank Robber #1
Owen Burke - Bank Robber #2
Timothy Smith - Bank Robber #3
Justin Johnston - Bank Robber #4
Patrick Vincent Curran - Masked Player in Alley
Lily Steven - 20-Year-Old Female Gamer
Gabrielle Lorthe - 20-Year-Old Female Gamer
Briana Mitchell - 20-Year-Old Female Gamer
Rosario Corso - Silhouetted Gamer
Regina Taufen - Vacuuming Mom
Liam Campos - Kid Gamer
Piper Acord - Contestant
Brett Schneider - Contestant
Lin Hult - Specialty Non Playable Character (as Lin Hultgren)
C.G. Alexander - Business Man NPC (uncredited)
Al Saif Alshad - Rasel (uncredited)
Nelson Aquino - Coffee Shop NPC (uncredited)
Jeff Avigian - Police Officer (uncredited)
Ralph Ayala - NPC - Security (uncredited)
Michael Balzano III - Bank Business Man NPC (uncredited)
Jeff Bouffard - Police Officer NPC (uncredited)
Joshua Brown - Pedestrian (uncredited)
Ben Bunnag - Soonami Tech (uncredited)
Deanna Buonomo - Street NPC (uncredited)
Jamaal Burcher - Maintenance Man (uncredited)
Cheryl Burchfield - Shubuya Street Pedestrian (uncredited)
Kayla Caulfield - Soonami Tech (uncredited)
Christian Cibotti - Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Isabelle Jeanne Cotney - Soonami Tech (uncredited)
Joey Courteau - Bounty Hunter Avatar (uncredited)
Marisa Defranco - NPC (uncredited)
Chris Evans - Chris Evans (uncredited)
Janelle Feigley - Jogger (uncredited)
Tait Fletcher - Viking Warrior / Security (uncredited)
Meg Fox - Avatar / NPC Motorcyclist (uncredited)
Heidi Garrow - Avatar / NPC (uncredited)
Omar Ghonim - Carjacking Victim (uncredited)
Brett Girard - Dancing Cowboy Avatar (uncredited)
Elaine Victoria Grey - Business Atmos (uncredited)
Shannon Hartman - Female Game Reporter (uncredited)
Lizzie Havoc - Avatar (uncredited)
Matthew Hayes - Game Reporter (uncredited)
Kimberly Howe - Blue Avatar (uncredited)
Anthony Jon - Real World Guy (uncredited)
Patrick Keeffe - Soonami Tech (uncredited)
Nate Killian - Soonami Tech (uncredited)
Nikki Kim - Soonami Tech (uncredited)
Laurie Kwiatkowski - Homeless Woman (uncredited)
Martin Lee - Bartender (uncredited)
Daphney Leigh - Meter Maid NPC (uncredited)
Michael Marchand - Fire Fighter (uncredited)
Derek Mellor - Street NPC (uncredited)
Adrian M. Mompoint - Avatar (uncredited)
Chela Morin - Tsunami Tech (uncredited)
David Morwick - Douche Guy (uncredited)
Cassidy Neal - Police Officer NPC (uncredited)
Ej Neri - Soonami Tech (uncredited)
Joseph Oliveira - Bartender (uncredited)
Levon Panek - Avatar (uncredited)
Kelly Pokrywka - Preppy Girl NPC (uncredited)
Nathan Porter - Cyclist (uncredited)
Leah Procito - Bank Teller (uncredited)
Jeannine Reardon - Real World Street Pedestrian / Coffee Shop Patron (uncredited)
Ethan Rodgers - Soonami Tech (uncredited)
Rodrigo Santos - Storm Trooper Avatar (uncredited)
Jordan Sartor-Francis - Workout Brad (uncredited)
Brandon Scales - Businessman NPC (uncredited)
Austin Simone - Tsunami Security Guard (uncredited)
David Arthur Sousa - Homeless Man (uncredited)
Kailey Sumner - Soonami Tech (uncredited)
Alyssa Talbot - Soonami Tech (uncredited)
Channing Tatum - Revenjamin Buttons (uncredited)
Anastasia Tsikhanava - Avatar (uncredited)
Kayla Rae Vesce - Desert Soldier Avatar (uncredited)
Ian Wallace - Video Game Reporter (uncredited)
Kaitlyn Webster - Avatar (uncredited)
JJ Wright - Bus Driver (uncredited)
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