Free Guy / Free Guy

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Title: Free Guy
Original Title: Free Guy
IMDb / Disneyinfo:   
Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Region: R2-UK
Category: Live Action
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
Release Date: 04-10-2021
Year: 2021
Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1, 16x9
Length: 110 Minutes
Packaging: DVD Keepcase
Insert: No
Number of DVD's: 1
Chapters: ???
Dolby Digital 5.1: English, Castilian Spanish, French
Dolby Digital 2.0: Audio Described English
Subtitles: English for the hearing impaired, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Castilian Spanish, Swedish, French
Production: 20th Century Studios, Berlanti Television, 21 Laps Entertainment, Maximum Effort, Lit Entertainment Group, TSG Entertainment
Distribution: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
ISBN: None
UPC: 8717418598297
Catalog Number: BUA4009101
Spine Number: Keepcase = Z1A BUA4009101
DVD: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
Ryan Reynolds stars in this action-packed comedy as a bank teller who discovers he is actually a background player in an open-world video game, and soon decides to become the hero of his own he rewrites himself. Also starring Jodie Comer, Lil Rel Howery and Taiki Waititi, and directed by Shawn Levy, Free Guy is rapid-fire fun.
Original Other
Ryan Reynolds - Guy
Jodie Comer - Millie / Molotovgirl
Lil Rel Howery - Buddy
Joe Keery - Keys
Utkarsh Ambudkar - Mouser
Taika Waititi - Antwan
Aaron W Reed - Dude (as Aaron Reed)
Britne Oldford - Barista
Camille Kostek - Bombshell
Mark Lainer - Hostage
Mike Devine - Officer Johnny
Sophie Levy - Big City Dreamer
Vernon Scott - Bank Manager
Naheem Garcia - Convenience Store Owner Joe
Anabel Graetz - Cat Lady Phyllis
Ric Plamenco - Ice Cream Vendor
Kenneth Israel - Businessman
Michael Malvesti - Newsstand Vendor
Colin Allen - Shoe Store Clerk
Michael Tow - Rain Man
Hugh Jackman - Masked Player in Alley (voice)
Dwayne Johnson - Bank Robber #2 (voice)
Tina Fey - Vacuuming Mom (voice)
John Krasinski - Silhouetted Gamer (voice)
Alex Trebek - Alex Trebek
Lara Spencer - Lara Spencer
Matty Cardarople - Keith, the 22-Year-Old Gamer
Jonathan De Azevedo - Jonathan
Destiny Claymore - Art Nerd (as Destiny 'Claymore' McCottrell)
Tyler Blevins - Ninja (as Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins)
Imane 'Pokimane' Anys - Pokimane (as Imane Anys)
Lannan Eacott - Lazarbeam
Seán McLoughlin - Jacksepticeye (as Seán William McLoughlin)
Daniel Middleton - DanTDM
Charlotte Levy - Tween Gamer Girl
Colette Levy - Foul-Mouthed Little Sister
Mariama Condé - Teenage Girl (as Mariama Conde)
Olivia Z Cote - Teenage Girl
Ryan Doyle - Teenage Boy
Bob Gilliam - Free City News Anchor (as Bobby Gilliam)
Terri Schwartz - IGN Reporter
Eugene Nomura - Japanese Reporter
Euri Nomura - Hinata
Octavia Chavez-Richmond - Real World Coffee Shop Server
Raj Jawa - Quad-Screen Gamer
Charlie Lehmer - Quad-Screen Gamer
Elainy Mata - Quad-Screen Gamer
Jack McLaglen - Quad-Screen Gamer
Jose Guns Alves - Soonami Security Guard
Minh-Anh Day - Soonami Employee
Ella Faria - Austrian Female Gamer
Francisco Marquez - Bank Robber #1
Owen Burke - Bank Robber #2
Timothy Smith - Bank Robber #3
Justin Johnston - Bank Robber #4
Patrick Vincent Curran - Masked Player in Alley
Lily Steven - 20-Year-Old Female Gamer
Gabrielle Lorthe - 20-Year-Old Female Gamer
Briana Mitchell - 20-Year-Old Female Gamer
Rosario Corso - Silhouetted Gamer
Regina Taufen - Vacuuming Mom
Liam Campos - Kid Gamer
Piper Acord - Contestant
Brett Schneider - Contestant
Lin Hult - Specialty Non Playable Character (as Lin Hultgren)
C.G. Alexander - Business Man NPC (uncredited)
Al Saif Alshad - Rasel (uncredited)
Nelson Aquino - Coffee Shop NPC (uncredited)
Jeff Avigian - Police Officer (uncredited)
Ralph Ayala - NPC - Security (uncredited)
Michael Balzano III - Bank Business Man NPC (uncredited)
Jeff Bouffard - Police Officer NPC (uncredited)
Joshua Brown - Pedestrian (uncredited)
Ben Bunnag - Soonami Tech (uncredited)
Deanna Buonomo - Street NPC (uncredited)
Jamaal Burcher - Maintenance Man (uncredited)
Cheryl Burchfield - Shubuya Street Pedestrian (uncredited)
Kayla Caulfield - Soonami Tech (uncredited)
Christian Cibotti - Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Isabelle Jeanne Cotney - Soonami Tech (uncredited)
Joey Courteau - Bounty Hunter Avatar (uncredited)
Marisa Defranco - NPC (uncredited)
Chris Evans - Chris Evans (uncredited)
Janelle Feigley - Jogger (uncredited)
Tait Fletcher - Viking Warrior / Security (uncredited)
Meg Fox - Avatar / NPC Motorcyclist (uncredited)
Heidi Garrow - Avatar / NPC (uncredited)
Omar Ghonim - Carjacking Victim (uncredited)
Brett Girard - Dancing Cowboy Avatar (uncredited)
Elaine Victoria Grey - Business Atmos (uncredited)
Shannon Hartman - Female Game Reporter (uncredited)
Lizzie Havoc - Avatar (uncredited)
Matthew Hayes - Game Reporter (uncredited)
Kimberly Howe - Blue Avatar (uncredited)
Anthony Jon - Real World Guy (uncredited)
Patrick Keeffe - Soonami Tech (uncredited)
Nate Killian - Soonami Tech (uncredited)
Nikki Kim - Soonami Tech (uncredited)
Laurie Kwiatkowski - Homeless Woman (uncredited)
Martin Lee - Bartender (uncredited)
Daphney Leigh - Meter Maid NPC (uncredited)
Michael Marchand - Fire Fighter (uncredited)
Derek Mellor - Street NPC (uncredited)
Adrian M. Mompoint - Avatar (uncredited)
Chela Morin - Tsunami Tech (uncredited)
David Morwick - Douche Guy (uncredited)
Cassidy Neal - Police Officer NPC (uncredited)
Ej Neri - Soonami Tech (uncredited)
Joseph Oliveira - Bartender (uncredited)
Levon Panek - Avatar (uncredited)
Kelly Pokrywka - Preppy Girl NPC (uncredited)
Nathan Porter - Cyclist (uncredited)
Leah Procito - Bank Teller (uncredited)
Jeannine Reardon - Real World Street Pedestrian / Coffee Shop Patron (uncredited)
Ethan Rodgers - Soonami Tech (uncredited)
Rodrigo Santos - Storm Trooper Avatar (uncredited)
Jordan Sartor-Francis - Workout Brad (uncredited)
Brandon Scales - Businessman NPC (uncredited)
Austin Simone - Tsunami Security Guard (uncredited)
David Arthur Sousa - Homeless Man (uncredited)
Kailey Sumner - Soonami Tech (uncredited)
Alyssa Talbot - Soonami Tech (uncredited)
Channing Tatum - Revenjamin Buttons (uncredited)
Anastasia Tsikhanava - Avatar (uncredited)
Kayla Rae Vesce - Desert Soldier Avatar (uncredited)
Ian Wallace - Video Game Reporter (uncredited)
Kaitlyn Webster - Avatar (uncredited)
JJ Wright - Bus Driver (uncredited)
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