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Title: Descendants / Descendants 2
Original Title: Descendants, Descendants 2
IMDb / Disneyinfo: Descendants   
Descendants 2   
Country: United States United States
Region: R1-US
Category: Live Action
Serie: 2-Movie Collection
Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Release Date: 01-10-2018
Year: 2015, 2017
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1, 16x9
Length: 202 Minutes
Packaging: ???
Insert: ???
Number of DVD's: 2
Chapters: ???
Dolby Digital 5.1: English
Dolby Digital 2.0: Spanish, French
Subtitles: English for the hearing impaired, Spanish, French
Publisher: Bad Angels Productions, A 5678 Production, Disney Channel
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: ???
UPC: 786936860313
Catalog Number: 151159
Spine Number: ???
DVD: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
Meet the next generation of villains in Disney's Descendants!

Sent to idyllic Auradon to attend prep school alongside the children of beloved Disney heroes, the Villain Kids must excecute a plan that helps their evil parents achieve "world domination" once again!

Descendants 2
The Villain Kids are back in a high-stakes adventure that's bigger, Bolder and badder tha before!

Mal flees Auradon and returns to her rotten roots on the Isle of the Lost. Mal's former archenemyUma, daughter of Ursula, has seized power. And together with her pirate crew, Uma prepares to unleash havoc on the VKs and Auradon!
Original Other
Dove Cameron - Mal
Cameron Boyce - Carlos
Booboo Stewart - Jay
Sofia Carson - Evie
Mitchell Hope - Ben
Melanie Paxson - Fairy Godmother
Brenna D'Amico - Jane
Sarah Jeffery - Audrey
Zachary Gibson - Doug
Jedidiah Goodacre - Chad Charming
Dianne Doan - Lonnie
Dan Payne - Beast
Keegan Connor Tracy - Belle
Wendy Raquel Robinson - Cruella de Vil
Maz Jobrani - Jafar
Kathy Najimy - Evil Queen
Kristin Chenoweth - Maleficent
Shaughnessy Redden - Limo Driver
Reese Alexander - Coach Jenkins
James Hibbard - Museum Guard
Wesley Salter - Photographer
Judith Maxie - Queen Leah
Ken Lawson - Royal Tailor
Stephanie Bennett - Snow White
Jonathan Holmes - Mr. Deley
Peter Schaad - Tourney Announcer
Christian Lagasse - Footman #1
Vancouver Children's Choir Choral Society - Children's Choir
Paisley - Dude the Dog
Addy Chan - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Danny De Matos - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Devin Jameson - Dancer and Chorus Performer
J.P. Dubé J.P. Dubé - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Shane Simpson - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Tyler Layton-Olson - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Tony Giroux - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Aglaë Kounkou - Dancer and Chorus Performer (as Algae Kounkou)
Jeff Mortensen - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Kayla Wallace - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Kiara Gudgeon - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Louise Hradsky - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Megan Serena Trainer - Dancer and Chorus Performer (as Megan Trainer)
Mark Samuels - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Jennifer Oleksiuk - Dancer and Chorus Performer (as Jen Olekshuk)
Kelly Konno - Dancer and Chorus Performer (as Andrea Kelly Konno)
Tatiana Parker - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Taylor James - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Michael Riccio - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Navid Charkhi - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Dwayne Gulston - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Marlyse Joe - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Jesse Devlin - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Morgan Tanner - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Brittany Gumundson - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Michelle Dawley - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Diedre Barnes - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Winnie Chang - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Desirée Manning - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Kyal Legend - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Audessa Parafina - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Ralph Escamillan - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Mike Ward - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Mackenzie Green - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Benjamin Ritter - Dancer and Chorus Performer
Castle Rock - Dancer and Chorus Performer (as Castle Rock Peters)
Richard McBride - Custodian / Dancer and Chorus Performer
Jasmine Chan - Cheerleader
Harry Tamacas Perla - Coronation Participant
Salina Marie Carter - Broken Arm Girl (uncredited)
Nemo Cartwright - Maleficent's Thug (uncredited)
Matthew Hoglie - Audience Dancer (uncredited)
Vicky Lambert - Teacher (uncredited)
Jeff Lewis - Prince Ben (singing voice) (uncredited)
Lachlan MacDonald - Student (uncredited)
Amro Majzoub - Royal Attendant (uncredited)
Alain Mickelson - Coronation Participant (uncredited)
Weston Mueller - Grumpy Student (uncredited)
Tessa Netting - Student (uncredited)
Edward Park - Dancer and Chorus Performer (uncredited)
Jacqueline Ryan - Coronation Royal (uncredited)
Ben Stillwell - Happy Student (uncredited)

Descendants 2
Dove Cameron - Mal
Cameron Boyce - Carlos
Sofia Carson - Evie
Booboo Stewart - Jay
Mitchell Hope - King Ben
Brenna D'Amico - Jane
Melanie Paxson - Fairy Godmother
Thomas Doherty - Harry
Bobby Moynihan - Dude (voice)
Dylan Playfair - Gil
Dianne Doan - Lonnie
Jedidiah Goodacre - Chad Charming
Zachary Gibson - Doug
Anna Cathcart - Dizzy
Dan Payne - Beast
Keegan Connor Tracy - Belle
China Anne McClain - Uma
Jeff Mortensen - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Jared Outten - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Addy Chan - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Kristie Sita - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Gabriel Richard - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Louise Hradsky - Dancer / Chorus Performer
CJ Damaso - Dancer / Chorus Performer (as Cj Damaso)
Justin Lopes - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Castle Rock - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Clarence Tang - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Nasiv Sall - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Kallie Hu - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Charlotte Kavanagh - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Teya Wild - Dancer
Cassandra Naud - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Christina de la Cruz - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Kiara Gudgeon - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Joanna Marie Reyes - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Megan Serena Trainer - Dancer / Chorus Performer (as Megan Trainer)
Theresa Doan - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Jennifer Oleksiuk - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Russell Lee - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Ross Wirtanen - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Jhomar Suyom - Dancer / Chorus Performer (as Jhomar Palag Suyom)
Prince Nii Engmann - Dancer / Chorus Performer (as Nii Okwei Engmann)
Julien Naud - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Calida Kuzek - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Justine Gera - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Francis Richard - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Tyler Layton-Olson - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Kane Nelson - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Morgan Tanner - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Audessa Parafina - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Alyssa Tavares - Dancer / Chorus Performer (as Alyssa Tavaers)
Sam Robert Muik - Dancer / Chorus Performer (as Sam Muik)
Berkeley Ratzlaff - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Joe Tuliao - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Christian Lagasse - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Keiran Bohay - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Lauren Denysek - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Sarah Corrigan - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Navid Charkhi - Dancer
Emily Delahunty - Street Urchin
Liam Raymond Dib - Isle of the Lost Pirate
Finnley - Dude
Brittany Good - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Paisley - Dude
Naomi Simpson - Angry Customer
Houston Stevenson - Royal Guard
Tessa Tamura - Dancer / Chorus Performer
Jan Bos - Lumiere (uncredited)
Whoopi Goldberg - Ursula (voice) (uncredited)
Amanda Gray - Pirate (uncredited)
Lachlan MacDonald - Student (uncredited)
Yasmin Pena - Pirate Fisher (uncredited)
BACKSTAGE DANCE REHEARSALS • Dance till you drop! Exclusive cast rehearsals with Director Kenny Ortega.
BLOOPERS • Dove Cameron, Soafia Carson, and the rest of the cast goof up and crack up on set.
#MAL • Sneak peek at Mal's story as seen through social media.
Plus More!

Descendants 2
CAST SECRETS • Dove Cameron, Cameron Boyce, Sofia Carson, Booboo Stewart and Mitchell Hope tell all behind the scenes!
BLOOPERS • The cast cracks up on set during some crazy takes.
DELETED SONG AND MORE • Deleted song "If Only," extended song "The Space Between," plus more!
"DESCENDANTS: WICKED WORLD" • The ultimate collection of all the animated shorts from Season One.
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