Halloweentown High / Return to Halloweentown / Halloweentown High, Return to Halloweentown

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Title: Halloweentown High / Return to Halloweentown
Original Title: Halloweentown High, Return to Halloweentown
IMDb / Disneyinfo: Halloweentown High   
Return to Halloweentown   
Country: United States United States
Region: R1-US
Category: Live Action
Serie: 2-Movie Collection
Genre: TV Movie, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Action
Release Date: 10-09-2019
Year: 2004
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Length: 170 Minutes
Packaging: ???
Insert: ???
Number of DVD's: 2
Chapters: ???
Dolby Digital 5.1: English
Subtitles: English for the hearing impaired
Publisher: Disney Channel, Reel FX Creative Studios, Just Singer Entertainment
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: ???
UPC: 786936866049
Catalog Number: 155781
Spine Number: ???
DVD: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
Halloweentown High
marnie convinces the halloweentown Council to send several teenagers to her high school in the mortal world. When the evil Knight Of The Iron Dagger appears determined to destroy all things magical, it's up to Marnie to save her high school, the human world, and her magic.

Return to Halloweentown
Marnie wins a full scholarship to prestigious Witch University in Halloweentown, where there is a new school rul: No magic allowed! With the help of her friends, Marnie must make the tight choices in time for Halloweentown's 1,000 Year Anniversary Celebration.
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Halloweentown High
Kimberly J. Brown - Marnie Piper
Debbie Reynolds - Aggie Cromwell
Judith Hoag - Gwen Cromwell Piper
Joey Zimmerman - Dylan Piper
Emily Roeske - Sophie Piper
Finn Wittrock - Cody
Clifton Davis - Principal Flannigan
Eliana Reyes - Cassie the Witch
Lucas Grabeel - Ethan the Warlock
Michael Flynn - Dalloway
Olesya Rulin - Natalie the Pink Troll
Todd Michael Schwartzman - Pete the Werewolf
Clayton Taylor - Little Chester
Jesse Harward - Big Chester
Jeff Olson - Six Armed Man
Frank Gerrish - Pumpkinhead
Mowava Pryor - Vampire
Darin Southam - Troublemaker
Haley McCormick - Girl #1
Mark Reed - TV Newscaster
Michelle Brinkerhoff - Student #1
Holly Alderman - Student #2
Brooke Alderman - Student #3
Carleton Bluford - Student #4
Kristin Alayna - Student #5 (as Kristin Crizaldo)
John Colosimo - Coach
Frank Welker - (voice)
Chevy Lamont Cofield - Alex (uncredited)
Jim Jepson - Yeti (uncredited)
Aaron Justesen - Mummy (uncredited)
Heather Kelly - Zombie #1 (uncredited)
Bob Lanoue - Gremlin (uncredited)
Grant Lee Peterson - Carnival Guest (uncredited)
Michael Risk - Mummy 2 (uncredited)
Lisa Spurrier - Gypsy (uncredited)
Josh Twelves - Mall Shopper (uncredited)

Return to Halloweentown
Sara Paxton - Marnie Piper / Splendora Agatha Cromwell
Judith Hoag - Gwen Cromwell Piper
Lucas Grabeel - Ethan Dalloway
Joey Zimmerman - Dylan Piper (as J. Paul Zimmerman)
Kristy Wu - Scarlett Sinister
Keone Young - Silas Sinister
Millicent Martin - Prof. Persimmon Periwinkle
Summer Bishil - Aneesa
Leslie Wing - Dr. Lwaxana Goodwyn (as Leslie Wing-Pomeroy)
Debbie Reynolds - Agatha Cromwell
Scott Stevensen - Dr. Grogg
Katie Cockrell - Sage Sinister
Kellie Cockrell - Saphire Sinister
Christopher Robin Miller - Young Troll (as Christopher Miller)
Micaela Nelligan - Wrinkled Old Witch
Brighton Hertford - Young Persimmon Periwinkle
Stefania Barr - Bratty Daughter
Eliza Wren - Geek Girl
Darren Ewing - Morose Cashier
Steve Luna - Jock
Chevy Lamont Cofield - Student (uncredited)
Robin De Santis - Fairy (uncredited)
Jason Fullmer - Student (uncredited)
Cheyenne Hall - Vampire (uncredited)
Sheila Hunter - Duck Lady (uncredited)
Aidan McKinney - Ice Cream Parlor Patron (uncredited)
Christopher McKinney - Dog Man (uncredited)
Denali McKinney - Pixie (uncredited)
Tisha Vaculin - Cheerleader #1 (uncredited)
Halloweentown High
Halloweentown High Jinks
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