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Title: The Last Song
Original Title: The Last Song
IMDb / Disneyinfo:   
Country: Netherlands Netherlands
Region: R2-NL
Category: Live Action
Genre: Drama, Music, Romance
Release Date: 29-09-2010
Year: 2010
Aspect Ratio: ???
Length: ??? Minutes
Packaging: Zwarte keepcase
Insert: ???
Number of DVD's: ???
Chapters: ???
Subtitles: ???
Production: Touchstone Pictures, Offspring Entertainment, Hope Town Entertainment
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: ???
UPC: 8717418278052
Catalog Number: Z7 BHA1035988
Spine Number: ???
DVD: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
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Miley Cyrus - Ronnie Miller
Greg Kinnear - Steve Miller
Bobby Coleman - Jonah Miller
Liam Hemsworth - Will Blakelee
Hallock Beals - Scott
Kelly Preston - Kim
Nick Lashaway - Marcus
Carly Chaikin - Blaze
Kate Vernon - Susan Blakelee
Nick Searcy - Tom Blakelee
Adam Barnett - Teddy
Michael Jamorski - Lance
Melissa Ordway - Ashley
Carrie Malabre - Cassie
Lance E. Nichols - Pastor Harris
Stephanie Leigh Schlund - Megan Blakelee (as Stephanie Leigh)
Phil Parham - Megan's Husband
Bonnie Johnson - Neighbor
Rhoda Griffis - Doctor
Anthony Paderewski - Security Guard
April Moore - Fireman at Church
Todd Smith - Fireman at Church
Jeffrey M. Ignatoff - Wedding Band
Royce Thomas Johnson - Wedding Band (as Royce Johnson)
Lewis W. Kraus - Wedding Band
Christopher D. Miller - Wedding Band
Thomas D. Olson - Wedding Band
Robert J. Pared - Wedding Band
David B. Train - Wedding Band
Erin Rhea Berson - Wedding Dancer (uncredited)
Kevin Buttimer - Record Store Customer (uncredited)
Sean Buttimer - Funeral Attendee (uncredited)
Brad Champion - Waiter at Wedding (uncredited)
Kristen Cubbage - Volleyball Tournament Attendee (uncredited)
Monica D'Onofrio - Volleyball / Carnival Guest (uncredited)
Jason Ferguson - Megan's Husband (uncredited)
Corinne Ferrer - Beach Carnival Guest (uncredited)
April Flojo - Volleyball Spectator (uncredited)
David Fultz - Festival Vendor (uncredited)
Mike Hahn - Carnival Worker (uncredited)
Keith Allen Hayes - Volley Ball Player (uncredited)
Morgan Hennum - Girl on Beach (uncredited)
Jonathan Iler - Extra (uncredited)
Chloe Kirby - Volleyball Player (uncredited)
Israel Korn - Volleyball Guy (uncredited)
Melissa LeEllen - Festival Worker (uncredited)
Shawn McBride - Police Officer (uncredited)
Madeline S. McEneney - Steve's Nurse (uncredited)
Jaclyn McSpadden - Volleyball Attendant (uncredited)
Deanna Mustard - Fran Mockby - Poilicewoman (uncredited)
Daniel Nicolaescu - Funeral Attendee (uncredited)
Lexi Noel - Beachgoer (uncredited)
Courtney Pennington - Cancer Patient (uncredited)
Julianna Pitt - Nurse Krysta (uncredited)
Kasey Ray-Stokes - Beachgoer (uncredited)
Cody Rowlett - Groomsman (uncredited)
Jessica Shay - Beach Gang Member (uncredited)
Amber Smith - Extra (uncredited)
Mark Ezra Stokes - Construction Worker / Beachgoer / Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Catherine Thornton - Carnival Attendee (uncredited)
Jeremy Tuttle - Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Lisa Marie Tyler - Beach Bunny (uncredited)
David Michael Warren - Funeral Goer (uncredited)
Ginger Wilkins - Beach Carnival guest (uncredited)
Brandi Alyssa Young - Tybee Resident (uncredited)
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