The Color of Money / Cocktail / The Color of Money, Cocktail

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Title: The Color of Money / Cocktail
Original Title: The Color of Money, Cocktail
IMDb / Disneyinfo: The Color of Money   
Country: United States United States
Region: R1-US
Category: Live Action
Serie: Double Feature
Genre: Drama, Sport, Comedy, Romance
Release Date: 10-02-2009
Year: 1986, 1988
Aspect Ratio: ???
Length: ??? Minutes
Packaging: ???
Insert: ???
Number of DVD's: 2
Chapters: ???
Subtitles: ???
Publisher: Touchstone Pictures, Silver Screen Partners II, Silver Screen Partners III, Interscope Communications
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: ???
UPC: 786936788723
Catalog Number: ???
Spine Number: ???
DVD: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
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The Color of Money
Paul Newman - Eddie
Tom Cruise - Vincent
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio - Carmen
Helen Shaver - Janelle
John Turturro - Julian
Bill Cobbs - Orvis
Robert Agins - Earl at Chalkie's
Alvin Anastasia - Kennedy
Randall Arney - Child World Customer #1
Elizabeth Bracco - Diane at Bar
Vito D'Ambrosio - Lou at Child World
Ron Dean - Guy in Crowd
Lisa Dodson - Child World Customer #2
Donald A. Feeney - Referee #1
Paul Geier - Two Brothers / Stranger Player
Carey Goldenberg - Congratulating Spectator
Joe Guastaferro - Chuck the Bartender
Paul Herman - Player in Casino Bar
Mark Jarvis - Guy at Janelle's
Lawrence Linn - Congratulating Spectator
Keith McCready - Grady Seasons
Jimmy Mataya - Julian's Friend in Green Room
Grady Mathews - Dud
Carol Messing - Casino Bar Band Singer / Julian's Flirt
Steve Mizerak - Duke, Eddie's First Opponent
Rick Mohr - Congraulating Spectator
Lloyd Moss - Narrator, Resorts International
Michael Nash - Moselle's Opponent
Mario Nieves - Latin Guy #3
Miguel Nino - Latin Guy #1 (as Miguel A. Nino)
Andy Nolfo - Referee #2
Ernest Perry Jr. - Eye Doctor
Jerry Piller - Tom
Iggy Pop - Skinny Player on Road
Richard Price - Guy Who Calls Dud
Juan Ramírez - Latin Guy #2
Alex Ross - Bartender Who Bets
Peter Saxe - Casino Bar Band Member
Charles Scorsese - High Roller #1
Rodrick Selby - Congratulating Spectator
Christina Sigel - Waitress
Harold L. Simonsen - Chief Justice Tournament
Fred Squillo - High Roller #2
Brian Sunina - Casino Bar Band Member
Wanda Christine - Casino Clerk (as Wandachristine)
Forest Whitaker - Amos
Jim Widlowski - Casino Bar Band Member
Bruce A. Young - Moselle
Jim Hendricks - Commander USA (archive footage)
Kevin Bassett - Pool tournement extra (uncredited)
Stephen Burrows - Pool Freak (uncredited)
James Huffman - Newspaper Boy (uncredited)
Robert Minkoff - Bit (uncredited)
Martin Scorsese - Opening Voiceover (voice) (uncredited)
Mr. Skin - Audience member (uncredited)
Howard Vickery - Vincent's Opponent with Beard and Glasses (uncredited)
D. Danny Warhol - Young pool fan (uncredited)
Lenny Wilson - Extra (uncredited)

Tom Cruise - Brian Flanagan
Bryan Brown - Doug Coughlin
Elisabeth Shue - Jordan Mooney
Lisa Banes - Bonnie
Laurence Luckinbill - Mr. Mooney
Kelly Lynch - Kerry Coughlin
Gina Gershon - Coral
Ron Dean - Uncle Pat
Robert Donley - Eddie
Ellen Foley - Eleanor
Andrea Doven - Dulcy (as Andrea Morse)
Chris Owens - Soldier
Louis Ferreira - Soldier (as Justin Louis)
John Graham - Soldier
Richard Thorn - Soldier
Robert Greenberg - Job Interviewer
Harvey J. Alperin - Job Interviewer (as Harvey Alperin)
Sandra Will - Job Interviewer (as Sandra Will Carradine)
Allan Wasserman - Job Interviewer
E. Hampton Beagle - Job Interviewer
Parker Whitman - Job Interviewer
Richard Livingston - Job Interviewer (as Rick Livingston)
Bill Bateman - Job Interviewer
Jean St. James - Job Interviewer (as Jean Pflieger)
Rosalyn Marshall - Job Interviewer
Jeff Silverman - Job Interviewer
Rich Crater - Job Interviewer
Marykate Harris - Job Interviewer
Lew Saunders - Job Interviewer
Jack Newman - Economics Teacher
Paul Benedict - Finance Teacher
Diane Douglass - Mrs. Rivkin
George Sperdakos - English Teacher
David Chant - Chinese Porter
Dianne Heatherington - First Waitress
Arlene Mazerolle - Second Waitress (as Arlene Mazerole)
Paul Abbott - Snotty Customer
Ellen Maguire - Bar Patron
Joseph Zaccone - Bar Patron
Larry Block - Bar Owner
Kelly Connell - Yuppie Poet
Gerry Bamman - Tourist
James Eckhouse - Tourist
Reathel Bean - Tourist
Peter Boyden - Tourist
Luther Hansraj - Ambulance Attendant
Leroy Gibbons - Singer
Rupert 'Ojiji' Harvey - 'Messenjah' Band Member
Eric 'Babyface' Walsh - 'Messenjah' Band Member
Hal 'Saint' Duggan - 'Messenjah' Band Member
Walter 'Crash' Morgan - 'Messenjah' Band Member
Charles 'Tower' Sinclair - 'Messenjah' Band Member
Haile Yeates - 'Messenjah' Band Member
Kenneth McGregor - Robert Powell (Sculptor) (as Ken McGregor)
Liisa Repo-Martell - Young Couple in Deli
Adam Furfaro - Young Couple in Deli
Kim Nelles - Female Artist
David L. Crowley - Doorman
James Mainprize - Butler
Gregg Baker - Bouncer
David Berni - Doorman (uncredited)
Jaap Broeker - Doorman (uncredited)
Shelley Markevich - Bar Patron (uncredited)
Vivian Palermo - Barpatron (uncredited)
Garry Pastore - Well Dressed Man (uncredited)
Andrew Shue - Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Karen Starr - Club Patron (uncredited)
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