The Reluctant Dragon / The Reluctant Dragon, Ferdinand the Bull, Goliath II, Johnny Appleseed

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Title: The Reluctant Dragon
Original Title: The Reluctant Dragon, Ferdinand the Bull, Goliath II, Johnny Appleseed
IMDb / Disneyinfo: The Reluctant Dragon   
Ferdinand the Bull   
Goliath II   
Johnny Appleseed   
Country: United States United States
Region: R1-US
Category: Animation
Serie: Walt Disney Animation Collection: Classic Short Films
Genre: Documentary, Animation, Comedy, Family, Short, Adventure, Musical
Release Date: 12-05-2009
Year: 1941, 1936, 1960, 1948
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1, 4:3
Length: 62 Minutes
Packaging: White keepcase
Insert: No
Number of DVD's: 1
Chapters: 8
Mono: English
Subtitles: English SDH, French, Spanish
Publisher: Walt Disney Productions,
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: 0-7888-9681-4
UPC: 786936791815
Catalog Number: 101859
Spine Number: ???
DVD: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
[i]The Reluctant Dragon, a clever and entertaining short film, is now part of the Disney Animation Collection!

This lighthearted story follows the adventures of a brave young boy who, emboldened by tales of brave knights, decides to pursue the horrible dragon that is terrifying the villagers. But what he discovers is a surprisingly friendly dragon that is more interested in reciting poetry and making music than devouring fair damsels. Will the boy be able to stop the local hero before he challenges the dragon to a fiery battle?

Every volume in the Disney Animation Collection series is packed with classic Disney short films that will delight your entire family. Add them all to your DVD library today!
Original Other
The Reluctant Dragon
Robert Benchley - Robert Benchley
Frances Gifford - Doris (Studio Artist)
Buddy Pepper - Humphrey (Studio Guide)
Nana Bryant - Mrs. Benchley
Claud Allister - Sir Giles (segment "The Reluctant Dragon") (voice)
Barnett Parker - The Dragon (segment "The Reluctant Dragon") (voice)
Billy Lee - The Boy (segment "The Reluctant Dragon") (voice)
Florence Gill - Florence Gill / Clara Cluck
Clarence Nash - Clarence Nash / Donald Duck
Norman Ferguson - Norm Ferguson (as Norm Ferguson)
Ward Kimball - Ward Kimball
Jim Luske - Jimmy - Baby Weems Model (as Jimmy Luske)
Alan Ladd - Al - Baby Weems Storyboard Artist
Truman Woodworth - Truman Woodworth
Hamilton MacFadden - Hamilton MacFadden (as Hamilton Mac Fadden)
Maurice Murphy - Baby Weems Storyboard Artist
The Staff of the Walt Disney Studio - Staff of the Walt Disney Studios
Ernie Alexander - Baby Weems' Father (voice) (uncredited)
Frank Churchill - Frank Churchill (uncredited)
Louise Currie - Undetermined Minor Role (uncredited)
John Dehner - Tall Baby Weems Storyboard Artist with Mustache (uncredited)
Walt Disney - Walt Disney (uncredited)
Lester Dorr - Slim (uncredited)
Frank Faylen - Frank - Orchestra Leader (uncredited)
Henry Hall - Studio Policeman (uncredited)
Verna Hillie - Sculptor (uncredited)
Leone Le Doux - Baby Weems (segment "Baby Weems") (voice) (uncredited)
James MacDonald - Sound Effects Man (uncredited)
Eddie Marr - Walter Winchell (segment "Baby Weems") (voice) (uncredited)
Linda Marwood - Baby Weems' Mother (segment "Baby Weems") (voice) (uncredited)
John McLeish - Narrator (segment "How to Ride a Horse") / Man handing Bambi background (voice) (uncredited)
Gerald Mohr - Studio Guard / Narrator (segment "Baby Weems") (voice) (uncredited)
Fred Moore - Fred Moore (uncredited)
George Offerman Jr. - Art Student (uncredited)
Milicent Patrick - Studio Artist (uncredited)
Steve Pendleton - Humphrey's Boss - Head of Security (uncredited)
Wolfgang Reitherman - Wolfgang Reitherman (uncredited)
Retta Scott - Studio Artists (uncredited)
Raymond Severn - Baby Weems (segment "Baby Weems") (voice) (uncredited)
Val Stanton - Courier (segment "The Reluctant Dragon") (voice) (uncredited)
J. Donald Wilson - Narrator (segment "The Reluctant Dragon") (voice) (uncredited)
Jack Young - FDR (segment "Baby Weems") (voice) (uncredited)

Ferdinand the Bull
Don Wilson - Narrator (voice)
Walt Disney - Ferdinand's Mother (voice) (uncredited)
Milt Kahl - Ferdinand (voice) (uncredited)

Goliath II
Sterling Holloway - Narrator (voice)
Barbara Jo Allen - Goliath II's Mother (voice) (uncredited)
Mel Blanc - Raja (uncredited)
Kevin Corcoran - Goliath II (voice) (uncredited)
Verna Felton - Eloise (voice) (uncredited)
Paul Frees - The Mouse (voice) (uncredited)
J. Pat O'Malley - Goliath I (voice) (uncredited)

Johnny Appleseed
Dennis Day - The Old Settler / Johnny Appleseed / Johnny's Angel (voice)
Easter Egg
Extra Info
• The shorts:
- The Reluctant Dragon (1941) (20:38)
- Ferdinand the Bull (1938) (7:58)
- Goliath II (1960) (15:07)
- Johnny Appleseed (1948) (28:41)