Annapolis / Annapolis

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Title: Annapolis
Original Title: Annapolis
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Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Region: R2-UK
Category: Live Action
Genre: Drama, Romance, Sport
Release Date: 07-08-2006
Year: 2006
Aspect Ratio: ???
Length: 99 Minutes
Packaging: ???
Insert: ???
Number of DVD's: 1
Chapters: ???
Dolby Digital 5.1: English
Subtitles: ???
Publisher: Touchstone Pictures, Mother B Productions
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: ???
UPC: ???
Catalog Number: ???
Spine Number: ???
DVD: ???
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James Franco - Jake Huard
Macka Foley - Ref
Jim Parrack - AJ
Donnie Wahlberg - Lt. Burton
Brian Goodman - Bill Huard
Billy Finnigan - Kevin
Jordana Brewster - Ali
Katie Hein - Risa
Jimmy Lin - Midshipman Lin (as Jimmy Yi Fu Lin)
Charles Napier - Supt. Carter
Heather Henderson - Daniels
Vicellous Shannon - Twins
Roger Fan - Loo
McCaleb Burnett - Whitaker
Wilmer Calderon - Estrada
Tyrese Gibson - Cole
Chi McBride - McNally
Cynthia Webb - Mrs. Nance (as Cynthia L. Webb-Manly)
Matt Myers - Mr. Nance
Lisa Crilley - Jen
Brandon Larkins - Midshipman
Russell Gibson - Tennis Coach
Scott D. Carson - Brigade Commander
Chuck Astoria - Preliminary Ref
Mark Simms - Navy Officer
Remy Wallace - Midshipman
Lauro David Chartrand-DelValle - Brigade Finals Ref (as Lauro Chartrand)
Latoya Brown - Echo Company
Corey Church - Echo Company
Jessica Latshaw - Echo Company
Shoha Parekh - Echo Company
Timothy Phelps - Echo Company
Steven Moreti - Naval Officer B.T. Ollers (as Steve Moreti)
Bolden Abrams Jr. - Barber (uncredited)
Gina Allegro - Naval Officer (uncredited)
Adriana Alveario - Plebe (uncredited)
Andrew Aninsman - Dock Worker (uncredited)
Lasco Atkins - Navy Cadet (uncredited)
Matthew Ballistreri - Bar Patron (uncredited)
Don Bauer Jr. - Boxing Enthusiast 2 (uncredited)
Jonathan Bauer - Boxing Enthusiast (uncredited)
Elizabeth Bayu - Naval Officer (uncredited)
Didier Dell Benjamin - Marine (uncredited)
Robert Bizik - Shipyard Worker (uncredited)
Seth Booth - Plebe K.J. Iberti (Echo Squad) (uncredited)
Gabriel Brandis - Photo-Journalist (uncredited)
Zachery Ty Bryan - Johnson (uncredited)
Rich Bryant - Heavy Weight Weigh In (uncredited)
Pete Carmen - Shipyard Worker (uncredited)
Louis Centanni - Cadet (uncredited)
Alice Chamberlain - Boxing Fan (uncredited)
Karen Chamberlain - Boxing Fan (uncredited)
Chrismandu - Patron-Boxing Match (uncredited)
Lionel Anthony Cook - Naval Plebe (uncredited)
Jordan Michael Coulson - Naval Plebe (Echo Company) (uncredited)
James Ricky Coward - Boxing Official (uncredited)
Blaze Kelly Coyle - Boxing Enthusiast (uncredited)
Paul Dake - Naval Officer (uncredited)
Joseph DeBona - Ship Yard Worker (uncredited)
Rob Del Colle - Shipyard Worker (uncredited)
Jacquin DeLeon - Midshipman D.D. Moore (Echo Squad) (uncredited)
Christian Dorsey - Mid-Shipman (uncredited)
Kenn Enright - Plebe Saccani (Echo Squad) (uncredited)
A.J. Faraj - Navy Cadet (uncredited)
Brandon Fobbs - (uncredited)
David Fultz - Boxing Enthusiast (uncredited)
Martha Gay - Naval Officer (uncredited)
Tommy Germanovich Jr. - First Year Plebe (uncredited)
Jeremy Good - Cadet (uncredited)
Gavin Lindsay Goode - Reporter, Boxing Fan (uncredited)
Drew Gregory - Bravo Company (uncredited)
Michael Griffith - Bartender #1 (uncredited)
Ryan Kristopher Hamilton - Navy Plebe (uncredited)
Frank Hansen - Navy Plebe (uncredited)
Scott Hatfield - Shipyard Worker Who Greets Jake (uncredited)
Andrew Henry - Plebe (uncredited)
Jason Henry - Shipyard Worker (uncredited)
Melvin Jackson Jr. - Cadet (uncredited)
Henry Jaderlund - Navy Cadet (uncredited)
Todd Ryan Jones - Navy Plebe (uncredited)
Rick Kain - Shipyard Worker (uncredited)
Steve Kaufmann - Plebe (uncredited)
Basil Kershner - Shipyard Welder (uncredited)
Kyle Klaus - Navy Plebe (uncredited)
Kubbi - Cadet (uncredited)
Dominick Kurek - Bell Man (uncredited)
J.C. Kurtis - Echo, Upperclassmen (uncredited)
Maggie Lakis - ECHO Upperclassman (uncredited)
Shannon Lambert-Ryan - Plebe Inductee (uncredited)
Tim Lamendola - M.J. Chandler "Echo" (uncredited)
Atif Lanier - Dock Worker (uncredited)
Timothy LeGower - Plebe (uncredited)
Tom Leonard - Boxing Fan (uncredited)
Michael A. Lightcap - Plebe E.M. Lemon (uncredited)
Jenni Lileikis - Plebe N.D.Raynor (Echo Company) (uncredited)
Michael C. Lizzio - Plebe (uncredited)
Eric Lordan - Midshipman (uncredited)
Erin Lulevitch - Navy Plebe (uncredited)
Paul Majors - Sir Frankie's Bartender (uncredited)
Giancarlo Maleno - Ring Side Reporter (uncredited)
Fallon Maressa - Plebe (uncredited)
David L. Marston - Navy Officer (uncredited)
Natasha Lee Martin - Plebe (uncredited)
Bill Mazzola - Construction Worker / Navy Cadet (uncredited)
Charles McClelland - Fight Doctor (uncredited)
Denis McKeown - Shipyard Worker (uncredited)
Chris McMullin - Shipyard Worker (uncredited)
Keith Moyer - Shipyard Worker / Jake's Co-Worker (uncredited)
Carol Anne Mueller - Cadet's Mother (uncredited)
Mike Nelson - Mess-Hall Cadet (uncredited)
Mel Orpen - Echo Company Midshipman (uncredited)
Bill Parks - Surfer Kid (uncredited)
Joseph George Pcolinsky - Plebe (uncredited)
Norman J. Pfizenmayer III - Boxing Enthusiast (uncredited)
Chris Philip - Joe Dellums (uncredited)
Robert Pierosh - Naval Yard Worker (uncredited)
M.J. Quinlan - Plebe (uncredited)
Sabrina Revelle - Cadet (uncredited)
Jon Rocks - Plebe (uncredited)
David C. Roehm Sr. - Shipyard Jack (uncredited)
Rocco Rosanio - Jake's Friend (uncredited)
Chris Scarborough - ECHO Upperclassman (uncredited)
Adam Schoon - Plebe (uncredited)
Aaron Scotti - Midshipman (uncredited)
Kenny Shapiro - Shipyard Worker (uncredited)
Jeremy Shatzel - Cadet (uncredited)
Matt Slusher - Boxing Fan (uncredited)
Keyon Smith - Shipyard Worker (uncredited)
Mitchell Speert - Ship Yard Worker / Bar Patron (uncredited)
Jeff Stevens - Jake's Friend (uncredited)
Jason Streater - Midshipman Probst (Echo) (uncredited)
Ryan Tygh - Squad Leader Z.M. Mack (uncredited)
Gabriel Valentino - Midshipman Rule (uncredited)
Schuster Vance - Ship Yard Worker (uncredited)
Sonny Vellozzi - Shipyard Worker (uncredited)
John E. Vitali - Shipbuilder #2 (uncredited)
David Von Roehm - Drunk at bar (uncredited)
Matt von Siegel - Naval Cadet Plebe (uncredited)
Anthony M. Walker - Cadet (uncredited)
Brian M. Wixson - Boxing Enthusiast (uncredited)
John Wooten - Spectator (uncredited)
Ron T. Young - Dock Worker (uncredited)
Stosh Zona - Shipyard Welder (uncredited)
Misha Zubarev - Photographer (uncredited)
• Plebe Year - The Story of Annapolis - A behind the scenes look at the making of the film
• The Brigades - An action-packed extra looking at the training regime behind the boxing matches
• Deleted Scenes - Never-before-seen footage
• Audio commentary
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