101 Dalmatians / 101 Dalmatians

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Title: 101 Dalmatians
Original Title: 101 Dalmatians
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Country: United States United States
Region: R1-US
Category: Live Action
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Crime
Release Date: 16-09-2008
Year: 1996
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Length: 103 Minutes
Packaging: Black keepcase in embossed, holographic cardboard slipcover
Insert: ???
Number of DVD's: 1
Chapters: ???
Dolby Digital 5.1: English, French, Spanish
Subtitles: English for the hearing impaired
Publisher: Walt Disney Pictures, Wizzer Productions, Great Oaks Entertainment
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: 0-7888-8983-4
UPC: 786936769586
Catalog Number: ???
Spine Number: ???
DVD: • Single-sided, dual-layered disc
• DVD-9
Mint Marks Sample: ???
Unleashing every ounce of Disney magic, 101 DALMATIANS thrills audiences of all ages with fast-paced adventure and comedy -- featuring a brilliant performance by five-time Academy Award® nominee Glenn Close (including Best Actress, DANGEROUS LIASONS, 1988) as Cruella De Vil. Achieving new heights of hilarity, Disney's all-time classic puppy tale comes to life as a worldwide box office sensation. In their small London flat, Dalmatians Pongo and Perdy, and their human "pets" Roger and Anita, are overjoyed by the arrival of 15 puppies. But when the spotted-fur-loving Ms. De Vil and her clumsy cohorts, Jasper and Horace, dognap the litter -- along with every other Dalmatian pup in London -- Pongo and Perdy must rally the town's animals to the rescue. The plan hurls them towards a thrilling climax filled with uproarious moments as the puppies attempt to outwit their captors and bring on a final showdown with Cruella! Packed with one of the largest and cutest collections of puppies ever brought to film, 101 DALMATIANS also features a superb cast of talented humans, including Jeff Daniels, Joely Richardson and Joan Plowright. Now you can bring home Disney's live-action comedy hit, praised by critics as nothing short of "phenomenal!" (CBS-TV)
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Glenn Close - Cruella DeVil
Jeff Daniels - Roger
Joely Richardson - Anita
Joan Plowright - Nanny
Hugh Laurie - Jasper
Mark Williams - Horace
John Shrapnel - Skinner
Tim McInnerny - Alonzo
Hugh Fraser - Frederick
Zohren Weiss - Herbert
Mark Haddigan - Alan
Michael Percival - Police Inspector
Neville Phillips - Minister
John Evans - Pensioner with Bulldog
Hilda Braid - Woman on Park Bench
Margery Mason - Woman on Park Bench
John Benfield - Doorman
Andrew Readman - Police Officer #1
John Peters - Police Officer #2
Bill Stewart - Arresting Officer
Gerald Paris - Doctor
Joe Lacey - Veterinarian
Brian Capron - Television News Reporter
Harry Fielder - Passerby (uncredited)
Toby Hinson - Man In Park (uncredited)
Arthur Mullard - (voice) (uncredited)
Patrick Pinney - Puppies (uncredited)
Laurence Richardson - Police Officer (uncredited)
Glenn Webster - Passer by (uncredited)
Frank Welker - Pongo / Pordy (voice) (uncredited)
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