A Tiger Walks: Vol. 3 / A Tiger Walks

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Title: A Tiger Walks: Vol. 3
Original Title: A Tiger Walks
IMDb / Disneyinfo:   
Country: United States United States
Region: R1-US
Category: Live Action
Serie: Disney Movie Club
Genre: Drama, Family
Release Date: 11-04-2006
Year: 1964
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1, 4:3
Length: 92 Minutes
Packaging: White keepcase
Insert: No
Number of DVD's: 1
Chapters: ???
Mono: English
Subtitles: English SDH
Publisher: Walt Disney Productions
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: 0-7888-6961-2
UPC: 786936708059
Catalog Number: 50910
Spine Number: ???
DVD: • Disc name: MCT0NNW1
• 4,08 GB
• DVD 5
Mint Marks Sample: (285855) MCT-0N-NW1.1 020204 IFPILV76
At last ... the best of Sunday night TV is back! It's the legendary TV show popular with audiences for 29 years. The longest-running prime-time series in television history (1954-1983). The winner of numerous awards, including seven Emmys. It's THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY!

A dramatic adventure unfolds when a mistreated Bengal tiger is accidentally freed in the tiny community of Scotia. As a result, an avalanche of national attention turns the sleepy little town into a chaotic jungle of frightened citizens. While a well-meaning sheriff (Brian Keith), his young daughter, and an Indian trainer (Sabu) struggle to safely capture the magnificent animal, kids across the nation rally to the creature's defense with a rousing "Save The Tiger" campaign. Excitement and danger are on the prowl when A Tiger Walks!
Original Other
Brian Keith - Sheriff Pete Williams
Vera Miles - Dorothy Williams
Pamela Franklin - Julie Williams
Sabu - Ram Singh
Edward Andrews - Governor Robbins
Una Merkel - Mrs. Watkins
Peter Brown - Vern Goodman
Kevin Corcoran - Tom Hadley
Frank McHugh - Bill Watkins
Connie Gilchrist - Liddy Lewis
Arthur Hunnicutt - Frank Lewis
Theodore Marcuse - Josef Pietz
Merry Anders - Betty Collins
Frank Aletter - Joe Riley
Jack Albertson - Sam Grant
Donald May - Captain Anderson
Fred Aldrich - Hunter (uncredited)
Tol Avery - Joe, Political Adviser (uncredited)
Robert Bailey - First Reporter at Hotel Desk (uncredited)
Bill Baldwin - Radio Announcer (voice) (uncredited)
Rodney Bell - 2nd Newspaperman at Hotel Desk (uncredited)
Russ Bender - Frightened Hunter (uncredited)
Bill Coontz - Fourth Frightened Hunter (uncredited)
Michael Fox - Television Interviewer (uncredited)
Tim Graham - Third Hunter (uncredited)
Harry Holcombe - Zoo Director (uncredited)
Shep Houghton - Reporter (uncredited)
Warren J. Kemmerling - Kelso (uncredited)
Kenner G. Kemp - Reporter (uncredited)
Jon Lormer - Mr. Wilson, Butcher (uncredited)
Mathew McCue - Townsman in Newsreel (uncredited)
Dal McKennon - Reporter (uncredited)
Richard O'Brien - (uncredited)
Harold Peary - Uncle Harry (uncredited)
Carl Prickett - Second Hunter (uncredited)
Tony Regan - Reporter (uncredited)
Stafford Repp - Mr. Blonden, City Editor (uncredited)
Jackie Searl - Sheriff's Adviser (uncredited)
Robert Shayne - Governor's Adviser (uncredited)
Charles Smith - Bartender (uncredited)
Michael Vandever - Helicopter Observer (uncredited)
Charles Wagenheim - Man Yelling News (uncredited)
Doodles Weaver - Bob Evans (uncredited)
Dan White - Tom Baker (uncredited)
Carleton Young - Colonel (uncredited)
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