Inspector Gadget / Inspector Gadget

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Title: Inspector Gadget
Original Title: Inspector Gadget
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Country: United States United States
Region: R1-US
Category: Live Action
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
Release Date: 07-12-1999
Year: 1999
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Non-anamorphic Widescreen
Length: 78 Minutes
Packaging: White keepcase
Insert: Yes
Number of DVD's: 1
Chapters: ???
Dolby Digital 5.1: English
Dolby Digital 2.0: French
Subtitles: English for the hearing impaired, French
Production: Walt Disney Pictures, Caravan Pictures, Avnet/Kerner Productions, DIC Entertainment, Roger Birnbaum Productions
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: ???
UPC: 717951005113
Catalog Number: ???
Spine Number: ???
DVD: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
Wowser! Disney's Inspector Gadget turbocharges to life in a wild and quirky adventure comedy with a thousand moving parts!

During a daring rescue attempt, John Brown (Matthew Broderick), a naïve and clueless security guard, experiences the wrath of the evil Dr. Claw ( Rupert Evertt) and is left clinging to life. Jumping at the chance to put her robotics expertise to the test, the briliant Dr. Brenda Bradford (Joely Fisher) transforms him into Inspector Gadget - the ultimate crime-fighting tool! And Gadget is going to need every techno-trick up his cyber-sleeve to defeat the ruthless Claw - before Claw reduces our hero to spare parts and wreaks havoc on the world!

Nonstop action, seamless special effects and a gazillion gizmos make Inspector Gadget a hilarious techno-thrill ride the whole family will watch over and over.
Original Other
Matthew Broderick - Inspector Gadget / Robo Gadget / John Brown
Rupert Everett - Sanford Scolex
Joely Fisher - Brenda / Robobrenda
Michelle Trachtenberg - Penny
Andy Dick - Kramer
Cheri Oteri - Mayor Wilson
Mike Hagerty - Sikes (as Michael G. Hagerty)
Dabney Coleman - Chief Quimby
D.L. Hughley - Gadgetmobile (voice)
Rene Auberjonois - Artemus Bradford (as René Auberjonois)
Frances Bay - Thelma
Mr. T - Self
Richard Kiel - Famous Big Guy with Silver Teeth
Richard Lee-Sung - Famous Villain with Deadly Hat
Bobby Bell - Famous Identifier of Sea Planes (as Robert N. Bell)
Hank Barrera - Famous Native American Sidekick
Keith Morrison - Famous Assistant to Dr. Frankensomething
John Kim - Son Before Second Son
Jesse Yoshimura - Bane of the Bumbling, Idiotic Yet Curiously Successful French Detective's Existence / Robobrendaerobics Rhythmless Group Member
Aaron Meyerson - Self
Cliff Emmich - Out of Control Bus Driver
Jennifer Ingersoll - In Terrible Jeopardy Young Girl
Hailey Harper - In Terrible Jeopardy Young Girl
Vichany Sam - In Terrible Jeopardy Young Girl
Ivory Leslie Dilley - In Terrible Jeopardy Young Girl (as Ivory Dilley)
Brielle Blount - In Terrible Jeopardy Young Girl
Hailey Peitzman - In Terrible Jeopardy Young Girl
Brian Tibbetts - Amazed Boy on Bike
Bob Gaynor - Robotic Foot Dancer (as W. Bob Gaynor)
Richard Penn - Fantastic Doctor
J.P. Manoux - Mayor's Sychophantic Assistant
Sam Brown - Officer McMurphy
Brad Blaisdell - Officer Johnson
Sonya Eddy - Hospital Secretary
Katsy Chappell - Nurse in Hallway
Kathleen M. Darcy - Nurse in Hallway
Brian George - Sore Guru
Alexander Witt - Wet, Green Businessman
E.J. Callahan - Hot Dog Vendor
Chad Parker - Assistant Car Thief
Frank Masi - Period Photographer
Mary Chris Wall - Snoopy News Anchor
Linda Cevallos - Showgirl
Loralyn Peterson - Showgirl (as Lora Lyn Peterson)
James Thiel - Twin Bartender (as Jim Thiel)
Jeff Thiel - Twin Bartender
Andy Heyward - 'Mr. D.I.C.' - Party Guest
Evelyn Heyward - 'Trophy Bride' - Party Guest
Amy Derrick - 'Zoftig Woman' - Party Guest
William Smith - 'Little Man' - Party Guest
David Page - 'Flat Top Guy' - Party Guest
Jacob Avnet - 'Flash' - Party Guest
Dorothy David - 'Go Girl' - Party Guest (as Dorothy Davis)
Huck Hackstedt - 'Mr. Gadget' - Party Guest
Matt Murray - Scared Witless Autograph Kid (as Matthew Murray)
Mark Leahy - Angry Father of Kid
Rick LaFond - News Reporter (as Rick Lafonde)
Tadao Tomomatsu - Bewildered Japanese Tourist
Adrienne Wehr - Waitress on Bridge
Richard Rauh - Man 'without' Toupee
Will Blount - Robobrendaerobics Rhythmless Group Member
Josh Kuhn - Robobrendaerobics Rhythmless Group Member
Kyle Ross Collinsworth - Robobrendaerobics Rhythmless Group Member
Michael Fossat - Robobrendaerobics Rhythmless Group Member
Don Adams - Brain (voice)
Lindsley Allen - Dancer (uncredited)
Tony Amen - Pedestrian on Street (uncredited)
Bob Bell - Peter Lorre (uncredited)
Harmony Blossom - Gadget Nurse (uncredited)
Greg Bronson - Assistant Inventor (uncredited)
Bill Lee Brown - Governor (uncredited)
Christopher Cussat - Pedestrian (uncredited)
Lisa Delmar - Self - Driver (uncredited)
Billy Elmer - Dog Walker (uncredited)
Ken Farnell - E.M.T. (uncredited)
Alexander Folk - Cop (uncredited)
Michael George - Musician (uncredited)
Michael Haddad - Pedestrian (uncredited)
Phil Hawn - Ice Cream Man (uncredited)
Elise Horn - Pretty Girl (uncredited)
William Hutchings - (uncredited)
Erik Hyler - Dancer (uncredited)
John W. Iwanonkiw - Security Guard for Claw (uncredited)
Stephen Kearney - Singer (uncredited)
Dominic Koulianos - Fireman (uncredited)
Johnny Martin - Desk Cop (uncredited)
Phil Nardozzi - Pedestrian on Bridge (uncredited)
Kyle Nudo - (uncredited)
Marie Elena O'Brien - Vomit Girl (uncredited)
Raymond O'Connor - Car Jacker #1 (uncredited)
Patrick Kernan Quinn - Boy in Crowd (uncredited)
Brandee Sanders - Extra (uncredited)
Janet Lynn Saunders - Reporter (uncredited)
Chase White - Gala Waiter (uncredited)
Jason Wise - Casey Burr (uncredited)
John Yost - Police Officer (uncredited)
- "Go Inside Inspector Gadget" Featurette
- Theatrical Trailer
- Youngstown Music Video
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