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DVDs's found: 1916
Title Date UPC
CanadaThe Eyes of Tammy Faye16-11-2021786936891553
United StatesThe Eyes of Tammy Faye16-11-2021786936891546
United StatesThe Ernest Green Story00-00-0000None
NetherlandsThe Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain03-06-20098711875954115
United KingdomThe Duke20-09-20045017188814232
GermanyThe Crow: Die Rache der Krähe14-04-20088717418150747
GermanyThe Crow - Die Krähe & The Crow: Die Rache der Krähe14-04-20088717418150822
NetherlandsThe Crow & The Crow: City of Angels10-09-20088717418170707
NetherlandsThe Crow22-01-20038711875947605
GermanyThe Crossing Guard04-12-20088717418169121
NetherlandsThe Count of Monte Cristo01-06-20048711875947773
United StatesThe Color of Money / Cocktail10-02-2009786936788723
NetherlandsThe Color of Money29-09-19997321931345866
United StatesThe Cider House Rules / The Shipping News16-09-2008786936774344
NetherlandsThe Cider House Rules02-11-20058713045207861
CanadaThe Christmas Star07-09-2004786936240887
United StatesThe Christmas Star07-09-2004786936240887
United KingdomThe Christmas Star02-10-20068717418097028
United StatesThe Cheetah Girls 228-11-2006786936704761
CanadaThe Cheetah Girls29-06-2004786936245264
United StatesThe Cheetah Girls29-06-2004786936245264
AustraliaThe Cheetah Girls31-08-2005939825228032
NetherlandsThe Cheetah Girls02-11-20098717418224646
NetherlandsThe Call of the Wild26-06-20208717418569297
GermanyThe Boys Are Back - Zurück ins Leben15-04-20108717418250874
GermanyThe Boys Are Back - Zurück ins Leben15-04-20108717418250881
United StatesThe Boys are Back26-01-2010
NetherlandsThe Boys are Back28-04-2010
United StatesThe Boy Who Stole the Elephant12-06-2012886470540938
United StatesThe Boy Who Flew with Condors 02-06-2007786936766868
United KingdomThe Boy in the Striped Pyjamas09-03-20098717418178864
United StatesThe Boy in the Striped Pyjamas10-03-2009786936749274
NetherlandsThe Boy in the Striped Pyjamas05-08-20098717418208066
NetherlandsThe Boy in the Striped Pyjamas29-07-20118717418208066
United StatesThe Bluegrass Special: Vol. 111-04-2006786936708080
United StatesThe Bluegrass Special26-04-2009786936791334
NetherlandsThe Biscuit Eater19-11-20038711875960208
NetherlandsThe Biscuit Eater01-06-20048711875960208
United KingdomThe Biscuit Eater00-00-0000
United StatesThe Bears and I17-12-2002013131232196
United StatesThe Bears and I14-09-1999013131089295
United StatesThe Adventures of Huck Finn / Tom and Huck10-02-2009786936788754
NetherlandsThe Adventures of Huck Finn25-08-19997321931345811
NetherlandsThe Adventures of Huck Finn01-04-20038711875952296
NetherlandsThe Adventures of Huck Finn01-06-20048711875952296
United StatesTex16-11-1999013131093698
United StatesTex07-09-2004786936240849
United StatesTex23-07-2002013131231595
GermanyTatort: Wodka Bitter Lemon24-03-20118717418268329