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DVDs's found: 1916
Title Date UPC
GermanyRevenge: Die komplette vierte und finale Staffel18-08-20168717418484583
GermanyThe Finest Hours18-08-20168717418482220
GermanyThe Finest Hours18-08-20168717418482213
GermanyScandal: Die komplette dritte Staffel14-04-20168717418477479
GermanyScandal: Die komplette dritte Staffel14-04-20168717418477462
GermanyGrey's Anatomy: Die komplette 11. Staffel31-03-20168717418467203
GermanyGrey's Anatomy: Die komplette 11. Staffel31-03-20168717418473679
GermanyCastle: Die komplette siebte Staffel25-02-20168717418467173
GermanyCriminal Minds: Staffel 1025-02-20168717418468958
NetherlandsCastle: Het Complete Zevende Seizoen14-12-20158717418472917
GermanyCity of McFarland - Sieger gibt es überall05-11-20158717418467371
GermanyCity of McFarland - Sieger gibt es überall05-11-20158717418467159
GermanyHow to Get Away with Murder: Die komplette erste Staffel05-11-20158717418472856
GermanyHow to Get Away with Murder: Die komplette erste Staffel05-11-20158717418467210
GermanyRevenge: Die komplette dritte Staffel08-10-20158717418439767
GermanyRevenge: Die komplette dritte Staffel08-10-20158717418439750
GermanyVioletta: Staffel 1 - Volume 1010-09-20158717418458751
GermanyVioletta: Staffel 1 - Volume 710-09-20158717418458720
GermanyVioletta: Staffel 1 - Volume 810-09-20158717418458737
GermanyVioletta: Staffel 1 - Volume 910-09-20158717418458744
GermanyDie Coopers - Schlimmer geht immer27-08-20158717418453916
GermanyDie Coopers - Schlimmer geht immer27-08-20158717418454029
United StatesMr. Boogedy / Bride Of Boogedy00-08-2015786936846812
GermanyInto the Woods25-06-20158717418454050
GermanyInto the Woods25-06-20158717418454067
GermanyVioletta: Staffel 1 - Volume 425-06-20158717418458591
GermanyVioletta: Staffel 1 - Volume 525-06-20158717418458607
GermanyVioletta: Staffel 1 - Volume 625-06-20158717418458614
NetherlandsInto the Woods03-06-20158717418456368
FranceInto The Woods: Promenons-Nous Dans Les Bois21-05-2015
FranceSouvenirs De Marnie30-04-2015
FranceVioletta: Saison 3 Partie 218-04-2015
GermanyAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Die komplette erste Staffel16-04-20158717418456283
GermanyAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Die komplette erste Staffel16-04-20158717418456276
GermanyVioletta: Staffel 1 - Volume 116-04-20158717418456733
GermanyVioletta: Staffel 1 - Volume 216-04-20158717418456740
GermanyVioletta: Staffel 1 - Volume 316-04-20158717418456757
United StatesInto the Woods24-03-2015786936845884
NetherlandsCriminal Minds: Seizoen 925-02-20158717418452315
NetherlandsScandal: Het Complete Derde Seizoen25-02-20158717418452308
GermanyCriminal Minds: Staffel 919-02-20158717418452032
United KingdomAlexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day16-02-2015
FranceVioletta: Saison 3 Partie 111-02-2015
United StatesAlexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day10-02-2015
FranceScandal: The Complete Third Season19-01-2015
United StatesThe Incredible Journey13-01-2015786936844344
United KingdomMillion Dollar Arm26-12-2014