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DVDs's found: 339
Title Date UPC
NetherlandsCriminal Minds: Season 402-06-20108717418258634
GermanyCollege Road Trip02-06-20108717418252212
GermanyCollege Road Trip02-06-20108717418252229
GermanyCon Air20-05-20108717418180522
GermanyCastle: Die komplette erste Staffel06-05-20108717418251468
GermanyCriminal Minds: Die komplette vierte Staffel01-04-20108717418246846
NetherlandsCastle: Het Complete Eerste Seizoen03-03-20108717418249151
United StatesCastle in the Sky02-03-2010
United StatesCheri20-10-2009
United StatesCastle: Season 122-09-2009786936792928
GermanyCap und Capper06-08-20098717418205379
United StatesChicken Little00-07-2009
United KingdomConfessions Of A Shopaholic29-06-2009
NetherlandsConfessions of a Shopaholic24-06-20098717418215484
United StatesConfessions of a Shopaholic23-06-2009786936756296
United StatesConfessions of a Shopaholic23-06-2009786936792744
CanadaConfessions of a Shopaholic23-06-2009786936756296
CanadaConfessions of a Shopaholic23-06-2009786936792744
GermanyCamp Rock / Prinzessinnen Schutzprogramm18-06-20098717418216467
NetherlandsCriminal Minds: Seizoen 310-06-20098717418200992
NetherlandsCrossing Guard03-06-20098717418214470
United StatesCondorman05-05-2009786936791853
United KingdomCriminal Minds: Season 306-04-2009
GermanyCriminal Minds: Die komplette dritte Staffel02-04-20098717418194680
GermanyCheetah Girls: One World05-03-20098717418195540
NetherlandsCollege Road Trip11-02-20098717418199715
United StatesConfessions of a Teenage Drama Queen / The Lizzie McGuire Movie10-02-2009786936788761
United KingdomCollege Road Trip26-01-2009
GermanyCamp Rock04-12-20088717418174842
GermanyClerks - Die Ladenhüter04-12-20088717418169114
GermanyCamp Rock04-12-20088717418189433
GermanyCon Air27-11-20088717418111298
GermanyCrimson Tide - In tiefster Gefahr27-11-20088717418111311
NetherlandsCamp Rock26-11-20088717418186425
NetherlandsCrimson Tide29-10-20088717418112257
United StatesCamp Rock19-08-2008786936750812
United StatesCollege Road Trip15-07-2008786936764451
United StatesCory in the House27-05-2008786936750447
United StatesClassic Caballeros Collection: Saludos Amigos & Three Caballeros29-04-2008786936758290
NetherlandsCriminal Minds: Het Tweede Seizoen16-04-20088717418151560
GermanyCriminal Minds: Die komplette zweite Staffel06-03-20088717418150730
NetherlandsCastle in the Sky28-02-20085410504072420
United StatesCinderella II: Dreams Come True18-12-2007786936739282
United StatesCorky Romano / Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo11-09-2007786936744057
United StatesCrazy/Beautiful / She's All That11-09-2007786936744132
United StatesCursed / Dark Water11-09-2007786936744064