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DVDs's found: 1916
Title Date UPC
NetherlandsThe Santa Clause20-11-20028711875945632
NetherlandsThe Santa Clause18-12-19987321931345224
NetherlandsThe Santa Clause05-03-20018711875926716
NetherlandsThe Santa Clause08-12-20048711875945632
United StatesThe Santa Clause29-10-2002786936195026
United StatesThe Santa Clause29-10-2002786936198010
NetherlandsThe Santa Clause05-11-20088717418178468
CanadaThe Santa Clause29-10-2002786936195026
NetherlandsThe Royal Tenenbaums02-12-20098717418239381
United StatesThe Rookie: The Complete First Season27-08-2019786936864939
NetherlandsThe Rookie01-06-20038711875954283
United StatesThe Richest Cat in the World31-01-2012786936823233
NetherlandsThe Ref01-06-20048711875952432
NetherlandsThe Ref02-12-20098717418239374
United StatesThe Proposal20-10-2009
United StatesThe Proposal20-10-2009
United KingdomThe Proposal30-11-2009
NetherlandsThe Proposal16-12-20098717418239428
United StatesThe Pinballs00-00-0000
United StatesThe Pennsylvania Miners' Story24-06-2003786936221404
United StatesThe Parent Trap Special31-05-2005786936281644
NetherlandsThe Parent Trap05-03-20018711875926556
NetherlandsThe Parent Trap07-07-19997321932345612
NetherlandsThe Parent Trap03-03-20048711875969294
NetherlandsThe Parent Trap02-11-20058717418068394
CanadaThe Parent Trap01-06-2004786936142877
United StatesThe Parent Trap04-03-2003786936142877
NetherlandsThe Pacifier24-08-20058717418059002
CanadaThe Pacifier28-06-2005786936278064
United StatesThe Pacifier28-06-2005786936278057
CanadaThe Pacifier28-06-2005786936278002
United StatesThe Pacifier28-06-2005786936277975
NetherlandsThe Other Side of Heaven11-05-20048711983459236
United StatesThe Other Side of Heaven01-04-2003786936211702
NetherlandsThe Other Side of Heaven00-00-00008711983459236
AustraliaThe One And Only, Genuine, Original Family Band / Babes In Toyland30-08-20069398510125032
CanadaThe One And Only, Genuine, Original Family Band06-07-2004786936234299
United StatesThe One And Only, Genuine, Original Family Band06-07-2004786936234299
NetherlandsThe Old Curiosity Shop13-09-20058711983478008
United StatesThe Old Curiosity Shop07-06-2005096009328092
NetherlandsThe Odd Life of Timothy Green01-10-20138717418382797
NetherlandsThe Next Best Thing13-02-20018711875923746
NetherlandsThe Muppet Christmas Carol20-11-20028711875945618
NetherlandsThe Muppet Christmas Carol01-06-20048711875945618
AustraliaThe Muppet Christmas Carol09-11-20059398524753030
CanadaThe Muppet Christmas Carol29-11-2005786936286991
United StatesThe Muppet Christmas Carol29-11-2005786936286991
NetherlandsThe Muppet Christmas Carol05-11-20088717418178451
CanadaThe Miracle Worker08-05-2001786936154924
United StatesThe Miracle Worker08-05-2001786936154924