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DVDs's found: 1916
Title Date UPC
United StatesTwitches Too29-01-2008786936745979
United StatesTwitches / Twitches Too00-00-0000786936866056
United StatesTwitches05-09-2006786936706307
NetherlandsTuck Everlasting10-12-20038711875963711
NetherlandsTuck Everlasting01-06-20048711875963711
United StatesTuck Everlasting25-02-2003786936205794
United StatesTower of Terror05-08-2003717951006288
United StatesToothless06-05-2003786936208122
United StatesTomorrow Land: Disney in Space and Beyond18-05-2004786936224795
CanadaTomorrow Land: Disney in Space and Beyond18-05-2004786936224795
GermanyTom und Huck21-06-20128717418353513
AustraliaTom and Huck09-11-20049398527036031
United StatesTom and Huck06-05-2003786936208115
GermanyTod auf dem Nil14-04-20228717418606503
GermanyTod auf dem Nil14-04-20228717418606626
CanadaToby Tyler02-08-2005786936279023
United StatesToby Tyler02-08-2005786936279023
NetherlandsTina: What's Love Got to Do with It03-02-19987321931345781
GermanyTina: What's Love Got to Do with It02-05-20138717418393229
United StatesThree Men and a Baby / Three Men and a Little Lady10-02-2008786936758337
NetherlandsThree Men and a Baby19-11-20038711875961816
AustraliaThose Calloways / Million Dollar Duck30-08-20069398510127036
CanadaThose Calloways25-05-2005786936238129
United StatesThose Calloways03-02-2004786936233858
CanadaThird Man on the Mountain07-09-2004786936245073
United StatesThird Man on the Mountain07-09-2004786936245073
NetherlandsThings to Do in Denver When You're Dead03-06-20098717418214432
NetherlandsThere Will Be Blood10-09-20088717418160722
GermanyThere Will Be Blood07-08-20088717418129453
GermanyThere Will Be Blood07-08-20088717418129453
GermanyThere Will Be Blood07-08-20088717418129453
United StatesThe Weekenders: Volume 205-03-2013786936833652
United StatesThe Weekenders: Volume 105-03-2013786936833645
United StatesThe Waltz King08-12-2011886470361571
GermanyThe Village - Das Dorf / Signs - Zeichen / Unbreakable - Unzerbrechlich25-07-20138717418397852
CanadaThe Three Lives of Thomasina06-07-2004786936234084
United StatesThe Three Lives of Thomasina06-07-2004786936234084
United StatesThe Thanksgiving Promise08-10-2019786936867114
United StatesThe Sword and the Rose14-12-2010786936809190
NetherlandsThe Straight Story30-10-20035410504966538
NetherlandsThe Straight Story30-10-20035410504966538
NetherlandsThe Sixth Sense12-07-20007321931346467
NetherlandsThe Sixth Sense23-12-20058711875926358
NetherlandsThe Sixth Sense16-10-20028711875941085
United StatesThe Sixth Sense02-09-2012717951004925
United StatesThe Sixth Sense28-03-2000717951004925
United StatesThe Secret of the Magic Gourd27-01-2009786936761252
NetherlandsThe Santa Clause & Santa Clause 210-12-20038711875964299