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DVDs's found: 1916
Title Date UPC
CanadaLilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has A Glitch30-08-2005786936255034
CanadaPocahontas II: Journey To A New World05-09-2000717951008497
CanadaReturn to Snowy River22-04-2003786936208153
CanadaThe Miracle Worker08-05-2001786936154924
CanadaSelma Lord Selma03-02-2004786936233803
CanadaElfego Baca and The Swamp Fox: Legendary Heroes06-12-2005786936292336
CanadaThe Muppet Christmas Carol29-11-2005786936286991
CanadaRuby Bridges03-02-2004786936233797
CanadaPerfect Harmony03-02-2004786936238167
CanadaMy Dog, the Thief17-01-2006786936693850
CanadaBambi II07-02-2006786936240351
CanadaYour Host Walt Disney - TV Memories 1956 - 196519-12-2006786936702255
CanadaCastle In The Sky15-04-2003786936175219
CanadaKiki's Delivery Service15-04-2003786936175226
CanadaDr. Syn: The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh11-11-2008
CanadaThe Mickey Mouse Club Presents Annette11-11-2008
CanadaLost: Season 508-12-2009786936773569
CanadaThe French Dispatch28-12-2021786936880991
CanadaThe Eyes of Tammy Faye16-11-2021786936891553
CanadaThe Last Duel14-12-2021786936881080
CanadaThe Santa Clause29-10-2002786936195026
CanadaNightmare Alley22-03-2022786936891737
CanadaWest Side Story15-03-2022786936881233
CanadaDeath on the Nile05-04-2022786936880823
Czech RepublicMladý Černý Hřebec00-00-00008595007025801
DenmarkLilo & Stitch 228-09-20057393834544707
DenmarkLøvernes Konge08-10-20037393834359103
DenmarkMads Og Mikkel00-02-20027393834168002
DenmarkPocahontas II: Rejsen Til England00-00-19987321980345657
DenmarkBambi 219-06-20068717418072537
DenmarkWest Side Story07-03-20228717418604974
FinlandLeijonakuningas II - Jylhäkallion Ylpeys01-06-20047393834422708
FinlandBambi: 2-Levyinen Juhlajulkaisu25-02-20057393834479900
FinlandNalle Puhin Joulu25-11-20057393834273607
FinlandWest Side Story07-03-20228717418604974
FranceLa Nuit De L'évasion10-03-20043459370400908
FrancePocahontas: Une Légende Indienne10-12-20048717418021641
FrancePocahontas: Une Légende Indienne30-10-20013459370474527
FranceLe Roi Lion14-10-20033459370429770
FranceLe Roi Lion19-11-20033459370502541
FrancePocahontas 2 - Un Monde Nouveau26-11-20033459379401869
FranceLe Roi Lion15-10-20033459370502572
FranceLes Petits Champions00-00-00003459370415858
FranceLa Petite Sirène 2: Retour À L'océan26-10-20003459370170970
FranceSouvenirs De Marnie30-04-2015
FranceVioletta: Saison 3 Partie 218-04-2015